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Move your Admin Tasks Where Your Apps Are.

In The Cloud With
Vendor Certified Apps Administrators.




What's an Apps Admin Task?

Apps Admin Tasks include any process or procedure performed in an application's Administration Console.


Common Admin Tasks for Productivity Tools like Google Apps and Office 365:

  • Create new users manually or in bulk
  • Rename users, move users, add/remove nicknames, and suspend users
  • Reset a user password, force the user to change their password.
  • Create and use OUs to manage users, groups, and security settings
  • Manage approved or reject sender lists and pass-list senders by domain and IP addresses
  • Maintain and customize Sales Cloud and Service Cloud applications Build reports, dashboards, and workflows


Common Admin Tasks for Cloud Services like AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform


  • Deploy, backup and restore Cloud images
  • Identifying appropriate use of Cloud operational best practices
  • Provision, operate, and maintain systems running on AWS, Azure or GCP
  • Estimating usage costs and identify operational cost control mechanisms


Vendor Certified Apps Administrators

google-apps-certified-administrator.pngAdmin tasks are matched with the appropriate team member who is vendor certified and specalizes in that particular Admin Console.

Vendors such as Amazon Web Services, Google for Work, Microsoft IT and RingCentral offer certification exams for engineers seeking to demonstrate their ability to deploy and manage services in accordance with company best practices.



What's NOT an Apps Admin Task? 


1)  Initial Apps Migrations and Deployments are included as part of our Migration Services for Google Apps, Office 365 and Ringcentral.

2)  While help desk services are available end user technical support is not included in our Unlimited Apps Admin task service.  

3)  Any task that is not within the scope of our Admin Console access, including integration with other services such as Active Directory.



microsoft-azure-certified.pngHow Many Apps Admin Tasks Can a Company Send Per Month?

Unlimited.  Yes, send in unlimited Apps Admin Tasks.  We'll work through the Admin Console as fast as possible, one task at a time. Once a task is completed and approved by you, we'll move on to the next task.




4 Hour Business SLA on All Apps Admin Tasks 

Tasks are completed within 4 business hours with priority service level agreements available.   The average time is calculated based on the time the task is open with us (does not include time waiting for a response on client side.)

Admin tasks are performed on a first come first serve basis, matched with the appropriate team member that is vendor certified.