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Coolhead Tech Helps Schools Do More with Google Apps for Education.

Google for Education and Cloud Solutions bring  schools, processes, and data together with secure, easy to use tools.


Integrate with Apps & Services for Education


RingCentral's Cloud PBX

Ringcentral offers an affordable phone system for schools that's expandable, continually up-to-date and secure.  The VOIP phone system seamlessly integrates into core Google Apps.


Google Classroom

Google Classroom puts innovation into action.  Google's cloud framework also allows for unlimited extensibility through a powerful Application Programming Interface. 


Saas Max Extensibility

Hundreds of Business and Education Apps Integrate with Google for Education.   Partners like Coolhead Tech can offer valuable insight into process improvement and savings.

Do More with Google for Education and Coolhead Tech

Technology is just a tool; the real impact comes from how those tools are used to improve teaching and learning.


Through Google's Education suite of tools – Apps, Cloud, Chrome and Play for Education, schools are saving costs and achieving more though better collaboration and
lower IT costs & burdens.  Learn how Google for Education and Coolhead Tech can help you.

Education in the Cloud: A Vision for Texas Schools

Google for Education Vision Presentation

Technology should be easy for schools
to set up and maintain, keeping the focus on students and
learning goals.  

Tech Departments in Schools should focus on growth projects and mentoring, not patching and fixing.


Google for Education:
Case Studies in Apps, Chromebooks & Tablets

Google for Education Case Studies

Download this PDF to read 9 Google for Education Case Studies on Google Apps, Chromebooks and Android Tablets.

  • Google Apps for Education
  • Google Chromebooks
  • Android Tablets

Google for Education Professional Development Handbook

Professional Development Handbok

The importance of effective professional development (PD) in education is well-known, and it becomes increasingly important when implementing new technology.

 Along with the rollout of devices and software, empower your staff with professional development designed for them.

Key Benefits of Google for Education

Schools realize a large number of immediate benefits to using Google for Education from improved communications and collaboration to reduced IT costs and burden.

  • Increased collaboration and management.
  • Facilitate learning
  • One Source for Chromebooks, Tablets & Devices.
  • Educate anytime, anywhere, from any device.
  • Simple, affordable Compliance.
  • Manage tasks and schedules for all teachers and students
  • Provision, onboard and manage students quickly
  • Securely access important information any time.

The Leading Complete Solution for Schools in Texas

Coolhead Tech offers schools in Texas the most comprehensive, complete and popular technology services. 


RingCentral for Communications

Ringcentral provides schools with a telecommunications system that's affordable and always up to date.

  • • Connect VOIP Desk Phones Anywhere
  • • Low Flat fee monthly rates
  • • Integrate with Gmail, Drive & Docs
  • • Extend distance learning with Google Hangouts
  • • Conference Calls  up to 1000 users
  • • Enterprise Level Service & Security


Ruckus in the Classroom

Ruckus wireless leads the pack with next generation wireless technology ideally suited for schools:

• Highest coverage area throughput capacity per Access Point
• Easily and securely register new devices
• Adaptive antennas adjust to changing conditions with no technical support
• Simple, intuitive management
• Significantly lower total cost of ownership
Working Hard-2.jpg

Google for Education Consulting

Coolhead Tech offers Texas sized expertise, guidance and support to schools

  • • Google Certified Administrators & Deployment Specialists
  • • Texas Born & Based
  • • Chromebooks, Chromeboxes & Tablets
  • • Administrator & Tech Department Support
  • • 3rd Party Compliance & Security

What Coolhead's Google for Work Certified Apps Admins Provide Schools in Texas

If you plan on migrating to Google or your users already live in Gmail, Drive and other Google Apps, Coolhead Tech offers an assortment of services to save time and increase productivity.

Coolhead Tech provides flat rate Apps Administration and management services for all Google enterprise products.  Apps Admins provide management, integration and administration of Google Apps, devices and users.

Google Certified Professionals

Coolhead Apps Administrators hold specific specialization and certification in Google Apps and Cloud technologies.

Migrate to Google Apps

A Google Certified Administrator from Coolhead Tech can help your organization avoid pitfalls and issues when migrating to Apps such as Gmail and Google Drive.

Outstanding 24/7 Support

Proactive management allows for a response from a Google certified apps admin within 30 minutes.

User Friendly

Apps Admins are focused on business transformation and can help lead change and organizational innovation.

Chromebooks & Tablets

Coolhead offers schools special pricing on Chromebooks, Tablets and devices from Dell, Lenovo, Samsung and other leading manufacturers.

Change Management

Apps Admins are your go-to source for information on the latest Google updates, features and news.