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Coolhead Tech Helps Companies Be Compliant & Do More with Google Apps for Work.

Google for Work and Cloud Solutions bring dispersed teams, processes, and data together with secure, easy to use tools.


Integrate with Business Apps & Services for Healthcare


RingCentral's Cloud PBX

Ringcentral's HIPAA compliance ensures that customer calls and messages are secure with encryption in transit and at-rest protecting patient data and guarding against unauthorized access to protected health information..


Google Apps Message Encryption

Google Apps Message Encryption provides end-to-end security for protected health information.


Extensibility by Integration

Hundreds of HIPAA Business Apps Integrate with Google for Work.  Google's cloud framework also allows for unlimited extensibility through a powerful Application Programming Interface. 

Resources for Healthcare Companies Considering Google Apps

Through Google's Enterprise suite of tools – Apps, Cloud, Search and Maps, manufacturers are saving costs and achieving productivity through faster visualization capabilities, more scalable application development, better collaboration and excellent search functionality.  Read these Manufacturing Case Studies to learn how Google for Work and Coolhead Tech can help your company.

HIPAA Compliance & Data Protection with Google Apps

Download HIPAA Guide Google Apps for Work White Paper

The Google Apps HIPAA Implementation Guide is designed to help customers understand how to organize data on Google services when handling PHI. This guide is intended for employees in organizations who are responsible for HIPAA implementation and compliance with Google Apps.

Google Apps Vault Case Study: DS Federal

Read Case Study
Google for Work Case Study

Industry: IT Governance
Size: 51-200 employees

“Google Vault is affordable, worth the small expense, and extremely important for data retention – in case something gets deleted accidentally, if there’s litigation, or if you need to run an audit on a user.“

Download Security Whitepaper Google for Work Security White Paper

This Guide explains Google’s strong contractual commitments that make sure customers, such as those in healthcare, maintain control over their data and how it is processed, including the assurance that data is not used for any other purpose than to deliver Google Apps services.

Key Benefits of Google Apps for Healthcare Companies

Healthcare companies realize a large number of immediate benefits to using Google for Work from improved security in communications and collaboration to reduced IT costs and burden.

  • Increased collaboration and management.
  • Facilitate deskless mobile workers
  • Streamline and simplify Data Security.
  • Train workers anytime, anywhere, from any device.
  • Simple, affordable Compliance.
  • Manage tasks and schedules for all workers and employees
  • Recruit, interview, and onboard workers quickly
  • Securely access important company information any time.

News and Blog Perspectives on Google for Work

Coolhead Tech's Cool for Work Blog provides the latest news, tips, tricks, insight and case studies on Google for Work apps and products.

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Google for Manufacturing White Paper Summary

Through Google's enterprise suite of tools – Apps, Cloud, Search and Maps, manufacturers are saving costs and achieving productivity through faster visualization capabilities, more scalable application development, better collaboration and excellent search functionality.


Top 10 ways to use Google Apps in Manufacturing

Gmail, Google Drive, Hangouts, Sites, Sheets and Docs - these are just some arsenal of Cloud based apps being used by manufacturing companies to transform their operations.

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9 Reasons to Use Google Apps over an on-premise Email Server.

If your company's email is still being accessed with Microsoft Outlook or Exchange, it's time to make the switch. Moving to Gmail for Business and Google's Business Apps will lower your IT costs and burden.

What Coolhead's Google for Work Certified Apps Admins Provide Manufacturers

If you plan on migrating to Google or your users already live in Gmail, Drive and other Google Apps, Coolhead Tech offers an assortment of services to save time and increase productivity.

Coolhead Tech provides flat rate Apps Administration and management services for all Google enterprise products.  Apps Admins provide management, integration and administration of Google Apps, devices and users.

Google Certified Professionals

Coolhead Apps Administrators hold specific specialization and certification in Google Apps and Cloud technologies.

Migrate to Google for Work.

A Google Certified Administrator from Coolhead Tech can help your organization avoid pitfalls and issues when migrating to Apps such as Gmail and Google Drive.

Outstanding 24/7 Support

Proactive management allows for a response from a Google certified apps admin within 30 minutes.

User Friendly

Apps Admins are focused on business transformation and can help lead change and organizational innovation.

Custom Development

Leverage Google's powerful API to integrate with Google for Work, Hubspot, Ringcentral and other leading business apps.

Change Management

Apps Admins are your go-to source for information on the latest Google updates, features and news.