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Google Apps for Work allows your enterprise to reap the benefits of Google's numerous products.


Whether it is Google's Calendar and Drive (for time management, scheduling, and file sharing) or its ubiquity on mobile devices, switching to Google lends itself well to enterprise collaboration.

Now it is time to deploy it across your enterprise. Hundreds of employees and countless resources need to be managed. It takes time to get everyone on board. That is why you need to approach deployment with great care.

Ready to Go Google?

Moving to the cloud or going through a cloud-to-cloud migration is a big undertaking. Luckily, there is help. Sign up for a copy of Going Google, A Practical Guide to Change Management for Google Apps Adoption.

The change management guide for large enterprises is intended to ease the transition into Google Apps for Work.

Change management (CM) is a discipline that guides you in educating and supporting individuals through the change. It gives your shareholders, employees, customers and suppliers time to digest the change.

People have habits, preferences, and can be resistant to change. Individuals will have various opinions and comfort levels on the adoption of Google Apps. With CM, the move will be hiccup-free. Download this guide and form a solid deployment plan to:

  • Motivate workers to Adopt Google Apps
  • Plan Deployment for a Smooth Transition
  • Analyze Your User Community to Identify Stragglers and Enthusiasts
  • Reduce Organizational Stress
  • Improve Productivity Enterprise-Wide

After you go through this guide, your enterprise will be prepared to utilize Google Apps for Work.