Carbonite DoubleTake Move

Carbonite DoubleTake Move


DoubleTake Move allows you to migrate physical, virtual, and cloud server workloads in real-time over any distance. 

Carbonite DoubleTake Move virtually eliminates user and application downtime during migrations by replicating changes as they happen to the migration target. The service’s replication functionality precisely duplicates writes to files of all types, including databases and system files, with real-time transactional awareness in real-time.  All changes to files, including changes to permissions, attributes, compression and encryption settings, as well as file renames and deletes, are replicated in real-time.

DoubleTake Move real-time, byte-level replication not only eliminates downtime by keeping the target up to date locally, but also provides maximum efficiency over WAN across any distance.  Byte-level replication sends less data than typical block-level replication and DoubleTake Move includes WAN optimizations such as three levels of intelligent compression, and scheduled bandwidth utilization, to get the most out of existing network bandwidth.

In addition to efficiency and downtime elimination, DoubleTake Move makes server workload migration nearly risk-free.  High levels of automation, full API and PowerShell controls, and built in test migration capabilities nearly eliminate failure as an option.  Reverting back to the original source machine, which is not destroyed or degraded by the migration process, is very simple if need be.  The process is repeatable and predictable whether managed through the enterprise-level console or though scripting and third party API-driven automation.


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