Networking Best Practices for Large Deployments

Networking Best Practices for Large Deployments


GSuite Networking Best Practices for Large Deployments

If you’re responsible for optimizing your large network for an upcoming Google Apps migration, you can ensure everything goes as smoothly as possibly by taking advantages of the lessons learned from users before you. The time and energy it will take to implement these best practices will depend on the skill of your networking team, the state of your current infrastructure, and the requirements of your Google Apps environment.


While the effort involved in your evaluation may seem daunting, the benefits to your organization can be significant. By following Google’s industry-specific best practices, you can expect to:

  • Reduce download and upload times for large files
  • Have more responsive Google Apps performance
  • Migrate data from legacy servers efficiently
  • Use less bandwidth by implementing optimized network routing
  • Anticipate packet loss, latency, and other performance issues


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