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A 73 Point Privacy and Security Checklist for G Suite Admins


Google Cloud provides the most secure infrastructure and public cloud service in the world.  Just this week, At Google Cloud Next, leading enterprise companies such as Colgate-Palmolive, Home Depot and Disney announced major email and productivity migrations to G Suite and Google Cloud.   In an era of constant cyber-attack, how can a G Suite Administrator have confidence in their ever changing admin console settings?     

This checklist will help you improve your G Suite security posture and compare your G Suite Admin console to Google’s best practices for security.   


We look at two key areas of your G Suite Deployment for Security and Privacy:

  • System Access & Authentication
  • Google Service Settings


Over the coming weeks we will explore and compare each of these 73 security and privacy settings in G Suite’s admin console and discuss how they compare to best practices.

First 5 Questions/Points in the Free Security Checklist for G Suite Apps Admins

Here’s The objective of sharing this checklist with all of our Google Apps Admin peers

  • Assist you in optimizing the security of your G Suite domain,
  • Recommend updates to your configuration based on the latest best practices,
  • Reduce potential risks & threats for accounts being compromised,
  • Prepare you on how to handle security incidents,
  • Increase the adoption & awareness of security features available in Google Cloud.  

View The Google Sheet:   “The Apps Admin's 73 point Security -AND- Privacy Checklist for G Suite


NOTE:   This document contains only public information and is pre-approved for viewing for many Google Cloud G Suite Domains.     As matter of document sharing policy there is a 24 hour hold between your Google Drive access request and approval.     We do not accept document requests from @gmail.com domains.


Get An Independent Security and Privacy Assessment of Google Cloud Services, Domains and Partners.

Coolhead Tech joined the Google Cloud Partner Program back in 2011 and achieved premier partner status with Google in 2014.   I’m incredibly grateful to everyone in the Google partner community that helped us along this path.  

I’m consulting on this independently of Coolhead and Google Cloud.  This allows me to offer unique insight into the security and privacy of G Suite domains by working directly for my clients.

Now We're consulting independently of any Google Cloud Partner Agreement. 

Small to midsize businesses currently constitute 62% of all known cyberattacks.   Cloud hasn’t replaced an IT Department’s security responsibility, it’s expanded it.   It’s flat out impossible for the team to keep up with technology that’s literally changing constantly.


As a Former Google Cloud Partner We're able to offer unique insight into the security and privacy of G Suite domains.


At a high level, I’m offering a Security project for G Suite customers that goes through three phases in three weeks, with key goals defined for each of them.  The goal is to work with IT departments, lending my experience and expertise, to help provide everyone with peace of mind that users can work securely in the modern world.




I’ll work directly with Google Cloud customers and their IT teams to optimize, prepare, and monitor the security of their G Suite domains, reduce security risk and mitigate security threats to their G Suite Domain.  

I’ll assist my customers in evaluating Google Cloud Partners, additional services and tools and implement best in class Identity and Access Management solutions.

The new offering for G Suite Business customers includes an extensive security assessment, report card, and implementation plan based on our findings.   After our initial meetings, we can create an incident detection and response plan and identify specific security metrics to track over time.

This process for securing G Suite domains has served my clients well.   Now, as an independent consultant for Google Cloud, I can provide even greater value to the security and privacy needs of your organization.