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Evolving the Enterprise: Here's Why to Choose G-Suite Business

continuous-improvementAccording to LogicMonitor's "Vision 2020" study, 83% of Enterprise workloads will be managed on the cloud by next year (2020). It's safe to say, with that in mind, that the modern workplace is changing. We're no longer tied to our desks like we once were. Today's companies are more mobile and agile than ever before, thanks in large part to the possibilities of the cloud.

The evolution of the cloud as a flexible and secure place for companies to collaborate and innovate has helped companies to achieve incredible things. Industry leaders like Amazon, Google, IBM, and Microsoft are using the technology of the current age to create everything from machine learning applications, to systems that allow machines to communicate seamlessly with each other.

Of course, the evolution of the enterprise doesn't just mean a change in the technology that we use each day. The more the business changes, the more the employees in your organisation will transform too. Today's companies are often left asking whether they're doing enough to empower and support their workforce in the digital environment.

Fortunately, Coolhead Tech is here to help.


What Does Evolving the Enterprise Mean to You?

You've probably already heard all of the buzzwords like 'Digital Transformation' and 'Workplace agility.' The question is, what does evolution in the enterprise mean to the modern business? It's not just about adopting every new piece of technology that appears in your industry. Nor is it a process of ripping and replacing all of the traditional technology in your organization.

Instead, an evolving enterprise means that businesses need to think more carefully about the solutions that they should have in place to drive continued growth. For some companies, this might mean getting involved with the latest in cloud collaboration tools. For others, it might mean updating the contact center with artificial intelligence solutions that collect consumer data without breaching privacy laws.

Ultimately, no matter where you look, the rules of the game are changing for businesses. The question today isn't whether you need to digitally transform; it's how do you plan on staying ahead of the curve? If you don't have the latest tools to enhance your workforce and drive better performance, then your competitors will.

Now that the marketplace is more competitive than ever, can you afford to be one step behind the other businesses in the industry?


Why Google Created G-Suite in the Age of the Technology Company

Google, one of the market leaders in innovative internet-based products, created a productivity suite to serve the needs of the digitally transforming enterprise. G-Suite is a carefully packaged solution that combines everything you need to do work well in an enterprise environment. Google created G-Suite because they believe that today, every business is now a technology company.

We've moved on from the era when IT was just a useful addition to the business workflow. Today's employees rely on technology to accomplish everything from communication to collaboration. IT decision makers are under more pressure than ever before to determine which apps and strategies are best-equipped to serve a new era of users.

According to Google, 70% of the companies on the Cloud 100 List created by Forbes use G-Suite. These companies rely on G-Suite because it's the only productivity suite of its kind in the enterprise, intended for both agility and productivity.

Google believes that with G-Suite, organizations can engage in both a technological and cultural transformation towards the digital workforce. Each tool included within your business package is intended to unlock another part of your business and drive your staff towards dynamic and innovative results.

Investing in G-Suite is like building a brand-new virtual environment for your employees. However, unlike a physical space, the G-Suite has no geographical boundaries or restrictive walls. Instead, you get a space where each user can access exactly what they need to recognize their true potential. With the help of an Apps admin, you can ensure that everyone in your workforce has the assets required to maximize their output and minimize distractions.

What's more, your people don't even have to be in the same room, city or country to use the technology. Because G-Suite is delivered over the cloud, it's accessible anywhere, to remote and mobile employees alike.


How G-Suite Helps Enterprises to Evolve

Whether you call it digital transformation or enterprise evolution, taking your business to the next level requires a significant change. It's not just a technological shift either. Companies committed to truly getting ahead in the current marketplace need to be willing to adapt and evolve rapidly. It's about embracing a new mode of thinking that allows you to move faster than the competition.

So, how does G-Suite help you to do that?

Well, first of all, it gives you everything you need to drive productivity, delivered by the same reliable brand. There's no need to generate multiple bills from various vendors to give your employees access to everything from security services, to office tools and collaboration software. Google bunches all of the most popular products in the business software stack together under a single umbrella. What's more, you also get those services with the added benefit of 24/7 support.

Some of the biggest benefits of evolving with G-Suite include:


1.   Ownership and Continuity

The workplace today is a lot more fluid than it once was. The average number of jobs a person is expected to have in their lifetime is growing. Many of your workers won't stay with you throughout the full life of your company. Unfortunately, for people with complicated technical stacks, this means that implementing and onboarding a new user is often a nightmare.

Fortunately, with G-Suite, it's possible to automatically backup work folders so that your next employee can see the work that came before. Additionally, you can remotely remove people from your system and add new permissions without having to worry about on-premise infrastructure. You simply give someone a username and password and allow them to log into the G-Suite features that are crucial to them.


2. Enhanced Communication & Collaboration

The best ideas and innovations often come with teams with different insights and perspectives. Collaboration is one of the biggest buzzwords in the marketplace today, but you can't have collaboration without communication. Though instant chat tools and other devices are quickly eliminating the need for excessive email, this mode of communication remains a critical component of the workplace. Fortunately, Gmail makes email as straightforward as possible. Not only is Google playing with artificial intelligence solutions and "smart suggestions," they also offer state-of-the-art security and privacy. Perhaps that's why Gmail has more than a billion active users.

If you're trying to phase email out completely, then the G-Suite still has you covered. Google Hangouts Chat and Meet ensure that you can connect through real-time messaging, voice and video. You can even launch conversations directly from Gmail or your Google G-Suite calendar. While in your meeting, share Google documents, sheets, and files with your coworkers to ensure simple and effective collaboration anywhere, any time.


3. An Easy-to-Use All-In-One Environment

According to reports from TechRepublic, employees switch between apps more than 1100 times each day. This constant jumping from one platform to the next reduces productivity and harms business output. However, with G-Suite you can avoid the problems of app overload by giving users everything they need in the same environment.

G-Suite combines everything you need into a single streamlined interface. What's more, most of your employees are likely to already be familiar with most of the services offered by G-Suite. If your staff members don't have their own Gmail email account yet, they're sure to have sent a document on Google Docs, or hung out on Hangouts Meet. Combine that with the fact that G-Suite has the best compatibility on any mobile device, and you've got one highly flexible system.


4. Excellent Reliability and UP-TIME

Google offers one of the best experiences around when it comes to reliability. With a 99.9% SLA (Service Level Agreement), you can rest assured that Google has your company's best interests at heart. When you run your business through G-Suite, you can rest assured that Google will keep your company up and running for as long as possible.

If that wasn't enough, if anything does go wrong, then you can always turn to Google's customer support. With G-Suite, you're covered 24/7 with live chat, email, phone calls and more.


5. An Affordable Productivity Solution

Budget might not be the first thing on your mind when you're investing in business transformation. However, money is still crucial to the choices that you make. While there might be other service providers out there that offer slightly cheaper packages, few people can offer the scope of products available through G-Suite for such a low price.

Even after the pricing is set to change in April 2019, G-Suite remains to be one of the most cost-effective solutions for productivity and performance that the digital age has to offer. What's more, G-Suite's pricing strategy ensures that you're paying only for what you actually use - not the features you might need one day.


6. Next-Level Enterprise Security

The evolution of the enterprise might change a lot of things for today's companies, but there's one thing that will always remain the same. Security is one of the essential components of any digital transformation campaign. Without protection, your entire business, and its customers are at risk. Fortunately, G-Suite is built and maintained on top of the Google Cloud Platform.

The GCP is world-renowned for offering some of the highest security on the market. It's trusted by leading brands like Salesforce, HP and Horizon. Part of the reason for this is that Google always uses a "security-first" mindset in everything that they do. Just some of the security features that you can expect when you sign up for G-Suite include:

  • G-Suite Admin Control: Your administrators will always have complete control over how accounts are managed, data is processed, and information is controlled. You can even prevent your users from accessing the apps that might harm your infrastructure.

  • TLS encryption: All email and messages are encrypted both in transit and at rest.

  • The latest certifications: G-Suite regularly undergoes third-party audits and evaluations to ensure that they're up-to-date with the latest standards.

  • Transparency: If you're ever concerned about G-Suite's performance, you can check out the latest transparency reports for additional information.


Is G-Suite Right for Your Business Evolution?

As a business owner or IT decision maker, you'll quickly find that the solutions offered by G-Suite and the Google cloud have the potential to transform your business. These forward-thinking solutions are ideal for small, mid-sized and large enterprises alike, mainly because you can choose the package that works best for you. There are even options to access stand-alone services like Google Enterprise Drive.

Ultimately, we're entering an era where there are more opportunities for businesses to innovate and evolve than ever before. Though there are countless ways to make your company more agile and flexible, it's essential to ensure that you're investing in the right strategies for your brand. Remember, evolution isn't just about being able to say that you have access to the latest technology. When you come to Coolhead Tech for assistance, we don't just tell you how to get on the cloud. Our consulting services are designed to help you uncover the possibilities of the new business landscape.


With G-Suite, and a customized strategy for digital transformation, you can:

  • Implement a new culture of collaboration in your business.

  • Drive intelligent productivity by giving your people access to the right technology for their day-to-day tasks.

  • Access more insightful knowledge from the data that you collect every day.

  • Support your IT team in delivering and driving innovation.

Are you ready to discover what enterprise evolution means to your business? Reach out to Coolhead Tech today to start building your transformation road map with the help of the latest features from G-Suite.