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The Migration Kit for
Google Workspace 

Get Everything you need to succeed in migrating data to Google Workspace from email and storage servers like Microsoft Exchange, Windows or Linux servers, Dropbox, Lotus Notes, Go Daddy, Intermedia, Rackspace and other providers.

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User Communications

  • 5 Part Email Sequence Guides users through key migration dates.
  • Peer to Peer change management and support program.
  • Posters, Activities, Training Slides and digital signage Templates.
  • G Suite Transition Guide for Businesses Small and Large

Technical Guides

  • Data Migration Guides with watchpoints for Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Lotus Notes and Most IMAP servers.
  • Deploying and Managing G Suite with Multiple Domains.
  • Optimization of your mid-to-large scale IP network for G Suite.
  • Integrate with your existing infrastructure with Google Cloud Directory Sync & Password Sync. 

Policies & Procedures

  • Google Vault Guidance including sample user policies and Admin watchpoints.
  • Security & Privacy Settings Review and recommendations.
  • G Suite Apps Admin Onboarding and Offboarding Considerations with Incident Response Plan.

Checklists & Organizers

  • A Complete Migration Google Sheets Workbook organizes everything collaboratively.
  • G Suite Migration 'Go Live' Checklist covers everything you need to review for a successful deployment.
  • Pre-formatted User list keeps the migration well organized and provides clear project status.

“ We are now entering the world of Multi-Cloud Sustainability. Cloud Computing is no longer an option, it is vital for economic growth. ”

Lindsay Rae Perry
CEO, Apps Admins

Introduction to the Migration Kit for G Suite

Apps Admins, located in Charlotte, NC USA, has been helping IT teams and admins migrate to Cloud, Google Apps and G Suite since Summer, 2008.   The G Suite Migration Kit is the culmination of experience from tens of thousands of folks that we've collaborated with over the years.

The migration approach is based on a proven methodology and includes free support from Google and Apps Admins partners.  All you really need to get started is a 30 day Free Trial of Google Workspace and you can be up and running before billing even begins.


See Migration Kit Support Options

Options for Migrating to Google Workspace

In addition to the Google Workspace Migration Kit, new Google Apps Admins going the 'Do it Yourself' route should  get started with Google Workspace Administrator Fundamentals at Coursera to learn the basic functions of the Admin Console to manage users, control access to services, configure common security settings, and much more.   

Google offers a free, personalized, 'Quickstart' program for new Google Workspace customers with 10 - 400 users that want DIY Guidance.   A Google deployment adviser will develop a lightweight, structured plan, customized for your business or organization.  You get free guided support for domain verification, mail routing configurations, data migration, user provisioning, interoperability, mobile device management and more.  This is a consulting and support gig for Google Workspace Migrations only - the deployment Adviser does not provide hands-on technical assistance.


'Apps Admins Google Partners, certified in Google Workspace, provide two additional turn-key solutions for migrating to Google Workspace Basic, Business and Enterprise.'


Google's free Google Workspace migration program may not be right for every customer. The program uses Google's own G Suite Migration for the Microsoft Exchange Tool (GSMME) only.   More complex migrations to G Suite or migrations when time is of the essence (failing legacy server, contract expiration) may require professional software and assistance to make the switch to G Suite.

BitTitan's MigrationWiz is the preferred choice of  Apps Admins Partners for migrating from environments like Office 365, Exchange Servers, IMAP servers and most other email and file storage environments.   For G Suite to G Suite migrations, such as for a merger or acquisition where both companies have G Suite, Cloud Migrator (Windows version) is our preferred choice for Google Drive to Drive migrations - co-migrate with mail using MigrationWiz and you can move thousands of users in a weekend.

Managed Migrations

Also referred to as 'Ad-Hoc' Migrations, a managed migration to Google Workspace generally provide hands-on remote technical assistance in addition to the Quickstart deployment advice already discussed.   For straight-forward migrations the service price generally includes the professional migration software and a Google Certified Deployment specialist to manage the technical aspect of the migration.

Both the Quickstart for Google Workspace Program and Managed Migrations to Google Workspace are designed to support a single point of contact at the company deploying Google Workspace.   While web based migration tools like MigrationWiz remove server concerns this is still a technical project as well as management.  Customers are provided with the tools to succeed in a migration and must be an active participant in the project.   

The project manager role for a migration is usually best assigned to a senior level IT Director who can work directly with the Google Partner's Technical Manager to organize, stage and communicate the migration and deployment of Google Workspace within the organization.

Companies and organizations busy throughout the organization may consider a 'Full-service' or 'White Glove' Migration to Google Workspace which includes Professional Development Consultants to communicate, guide, train and inspire end users in the productivity and trans-formative nature of using Google Workspace. 


Overall a migration to Google Workspace goes 'easier than expected' and 'smoother than expected' when customers accept the free and affordable advice options. A full-service migration from Google Cloud Partners usually adds the human component for training and inspiration to make the project a trans-formative business event. 

No one knows your users better than you.  The most successful migrations to Google Workspace come from within an organization, as a team, with dedicated Google professionals supporting the project.

 See Migration Kit Support Options

From the Admins' Blog

The Top 5 Migration Tools for Office 365 or Exchange to G Suite Business or Enterprise

Read this blog article about the Top Migration tools for G suite and get a closer look at MigrationWiz, CloudMigrator, Appbridge Transformation Suite (ATS), G Suite Migration for Microsoft Exchange (GSMME) and the G Suite Admin Console's Data Migration Service.


$7,500 USD

Saved per 100 Users.

G Suite Apps Admins save $75 per user, on average, for migration to G Suite, by deploying Google Apps with the help of the Free Migration Kit for G Suite.

Apps Admins Supports IT Professionals in The Google Cloud.

We Get it.  G Suite is an important part of your overall IT Strategy and these days, between employees and customers you've got thousands of people to support.  Apps Admins has you covered, with everything IT for Google Cloud.

Migration Kit for G Suite Business

Stay Organized and easily move hundreds of users to G Suite in just 5 weeks.

Get Started.

See Migration Kit Support Options

Security & Privacy Workbook for G Suite

Started as a blog post on G Suite security and privacy this Google Sheet has been used by some of the largest G Suite organizations in the world and is continually updated.

Access the Security & Privacy Workbook

The 2020 Chrome Enterprise Buyer's Guide

A growing fleet of enterprise Chrome devices are launching now.  Pre-order the print and digital Spring editions to be released during Google Cloud Next 2019.

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