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A fresh look at Google's Presentation App

The Highlights of the Google Slides app


Imagine working on a slide presentation with several people at the same time without having to email each other your progress. Google has created exactly that with Google Slides. Google Slides allows you to create and edit, as well as collaborate and present from anywhere.

Multiple Platforms

As long as you have internet access, you can access your Google presentation from anywhere at any given time. You can even create and edit your slide presentations from your mobile device or tablet on Android as well as iDevices. Creating a Google presentation is easy to do with Google Slides and you can also easily manipulate other presentations such as PowerPoint files.

Themes, Fonts, and More

Your presentation looks entirely professional with the Slides app. There are many different themes to choose from in addition to thousands of fonts. You can also choose to embed video clips and animations as it is all included in the app. Animations are simple additions to a presentation that allow you to reveal lines of text individually such as a step-by-step or bullet point slide.

Collaborate More Effectively

One of the best perks of Google Slides is the ability to work on a presentation simultaneously with your team. Google Slides allows you to view real-time editing within your presentation through your PC, tablet, or mobile device. Never worry about losing your work as it is automatically saved with each stroke of your key.

Easy Sharing and Notifications

Sharing is easy, as the admin you can choose who to invite to edit or comment on your presentation. Google understands communication is key to building a project, this is why Google has added a chat feature within slides to assist your team on smoothly executing your presentation. To further see out collaboration on projects the comment feature within Google Slides allows you to tag others in a comment and send an email notification. 

Presenting Your Slides

Even if you are a ball of nerves, you will not have to worry about the complications of presenting your Google Slides Presentation. When you open your Google Presentation, you simply touch the PLAY icon to display your presentation in full-screen mode and let the show begin; to exit simply touch the BACK button.

NOTE: Google Slides works across multiple platforms, but is best viewed in Google Chrome. Accessing your presentation through other browsers will launch a new window as opposed to an automatic full-screen view with Google Chrome.