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Business App of the Week: CloudLock

CloudLock_LogoAs of January 2014, there are over five million businesses signed up to and using Google Apps for their day to day productivity tasks. The ease of use, flexibility, and power to collaborate better with colleagues have all been key factors contributing to the success of the online productivity suite. With a high adoption rate, often comes the potential for trouble, and one issue that needs to be addressed by businesses using Google Apps is security within the cloud.

The Google Apps service itself is sufficiently secure, but problems can arise with the way that users operate google apps from the third party applications they choose, and from the devices and connections on which they are using the service. Up until recently there hasn’t been any additional cloud security services to go along with Google Apps for Business. But now, with the help of a forward thinking company and some leading edge technology, Google Apps for Business users can have full cloud to cloud security built right in to their Apps framework.

We’re talking about the essential cloud app for businesses: CloudLock for Google Apps.

CloudLock is an advanced security solution for Google apps. It brings enterprise levels of security to all of your data within Google apps, taking care of cloud to cloud transfers. There’s also the flexibility to enforce policies which will protect your data from unauthorized third party apps or dangerous activities originating from users and their devices.

Here’s a brief overview of what CloudLock offers:

  • Data Loss Prevention for All of Your Core Google Apps for Business.
    What do server troubles, hardware failures, and system errors all have in common? None of them are leading causes of data loss to a business. The leading cause of data loss is the users themselves. It can happen through poor online practices, inexperience and poor data management, or by compromising data with unauthorized applications. CloudLock incorporates a powerful policy engine to lock down access to your data from suspicious or at risk activities.

  • Auditing and Compliance for All Core Google Apps.
    Security administrators within enterprise IT departments demand the capability to enforce IT policies. With CloudLock they can do exactly that, even within their Google Apps environment. Access can be controlled based on permissions and users, right down to different documents and sites. There’s even the ability to run reports and audit activities at any time.

  • Secure Sensitive Information like PPI and PCI within Google Drive
    The loss of some information can get your company in to a lot of trouble with regulatory bodies. On top of that, it’s bad for your reputation and will compromise the privacy of both you and your customers. CloudLock incorporates state of the art algorithms to recognize certain types of data like Social Security numbers, account numbers, and credit card information. This information is automatically detected and secured, preventing loss or theft, without any user input required.

  • Benefit from a Community Rating System That Evaluates Third Party Applications
    Third party apps can be classified in line with your internal policy and blocked or allowed as appropriate. You can even rely on a community trust rating of other CloudLock users, which can give you an initial indication ofsecurity of an app before you can fully evaluate and incorporate it in to your policy.

cloudlock-security-for-google-apps-screenshotCloudLock is the first, and currently only complete security application for your cloud activities within Google Apps. For businesses where data is critical and chances cannot be taken on security, CloudLock would be a perfect addition to their Google Apps infrastructure.

The biggest benefit of this app however, could be for administrators and companies who were previously on the fence with Google Apps. These businesses can now implement the productivity suite in to their business without compromising security, or their existing policies over information security and application use.