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Apps Admin Chromebook of the Week:  Samsung Chromebook Plus


When it comes to computing devices, businesses now have more choices than ever. From tablets and laptops to Chromebooks, finding the ideal option just got easier. Chromebooks provide a practical way to enjoy a hybrid experience.    In testing this Samsung Chromebook Plus it comes as no surprise that Chrome devices have gained considerable traction in business and education since their introduction in 2011.


The Chromebook is well-suited to workflows that rely mostly on the cloud for data storage and web apps for productivity. Migrating from devices using traditional operating systems like Windows to the Chrome OS is not jarring for small, medium and large businesses. The devices come with a bare bones interface and management console.

Key Features of the Samsung Chromebook Plus

The Chromebook Plus was introduced to the market during the CES 2017.   It is considered Samsung's credible answer to the iPad Pro. The product incorporates a stylus pen designed to make notes clearer and ideas more personal. This novel feature can be used to unlock the screen, take a screenshot or magnify various elements.

The device has the distinction of being the first of a new generation of Chromebooks running the Chrome OS. It provides full support for Android apps and shares a number of similarities with the Chromebook Pro save for processors. The Plus version can work as a tablet in addition to the traditional form notebook form factor. The 360-degree hinge makes the 3-in-1 flexibility possible.

It features a 9-hour battery and enhanced business-grade security. Information technology (IT) administrators can take advantage of the web-based admin console for easy management of all enrolled devices.

The combination of versatile features and business tools allows organizations to boost productivity. This can be achieved by leveraging notebook-grade power with the freedom to work seamlessly in the cloud.


Street Prices for Lenovo N23 Chromebook (MFG SKU XE513C24-K01US ) as of June 15, 2017









The Business Case for Chromebooks

Google is targeting various key market segments with the Chrome OS, including business and education. It is providing organizations a practical way to save a significant amount of money while improving productivity, collaboration, flexibility and security.

Businesses need durability, functionality and access to robust productivity tools. The same applies to support for a wide variety of applications. Chromebooks support a comprehensive range of G Suite apps, including Sheets, Drive, Docs, Slides and more. On the other hand, ease of use is also a key requirement.

"Utility is complemented by aesthetics as business professionals are often judged by the tools they use."

In addition, more employees are working while on the go or at home. A business savvy device like the Chromebook Plus is portable, secure and supports a number of wireless connections. It also boasts an optimal battery life to keep users working for longer regardless of location.

John Russell, a product manager at Dell believes that Chromebooks have a huge role to play in many companies. He told TechRadar that "if the explosive growth of Chromebook in the education space is any indicator, the potential for rapid Chromebook adoption among business users is very strong."


chromebook-plus-2.jpgAround The Net:  Samsung CHromebook Plus

Here is what the experts are saying about the Chromebook Plus and the Chrome OS ecosystem:

The Verge – the Samsung Chromebook Plus is a force to be reckoned with and a vanguard of the next generation of Chrome OS devices. ''Conceptually, it all makes sense.'' The devices support stylus input, Android apps in addition to offering a full, desktop-class web browser and web apps.

PC Mag – using the Chromebook Plus in the tablet mode while holding it in one hand and drawing with the stylus feels natural. ''It is like writing on a sheet of paper.'' When it comes to performance, the device's OP1 processor is compatible with countless Android apps.

Gartner – Chromebooks have a special role to play in businesses for specific workers, including hotel receptionists, estate agents, professionals in banking and more. By adopting Chromebooks and cloud computing, organizations can shift their focus. They can devote more time to managing something much more important — their data instead of managing devices.


Final thoughts on the Samsung Chromebook Plus

The majority of analysts highlight the upside of using the Chromebook Plus in a business setting. The device is designed to enable business professionals to multitask and become more productive. It can adapt to wide-ranging needs and workflow.