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CloudEndure Brings Free VM Migration (and bare metal backups) to Google Cloud Platform

google-cloud-endure.jpegIf you're interested in moving data from more than five servers into the Google Cloud Platform, then you could take advantage of completely free Virtual Machine Migration, thanks to a partnership between CloudEndure and Google. You can use the system to keep an up-to-date copy of your server on GCP in case of a sudden disaster with your location, AWS, Azure - which is perfect for continuity planning.

The GCP/CloudEndure migration service means that you can migrate physical servers and virtual machines from existing environments - regardless of whether source machines are on the cloud or on-premises. There's practically no disruption and close to zero downtime, plus the service is offered at no additional charge whatsoever.

With CloudEndure, it's possible to:

  • Deliver your servers to the cloud in a matter of minutes, using automated cloud orchestration and automated machine conversion.

  • Migrate with no data loss whatsoever. Thanks to the use of continuous block-level replication technology, you can eliminate any need for an operating system, database, or application configuration.

  • Replicate your choice of Linux and Windows servers from any infrastructure, including cloud-based solutions, physical and virtual networks, of even a hybrid service.

What is Cloud Endure?

CloudEndure is a company founded in 2012, which partnered with Google to bring customers the simplest possible solution when it comes to migrating infrastructure into the cloud platform. The process is completely free, and perfect for both the process of moving into the cloud and a solution for managing disaster recovery.

The CloudEndure/Google partnership means that customers can migrate from any Linux or Windows machine onto the Google Cloud platform without any downtime or data loss. The idea is to give organizations an opportunity to move into the cloud without any risk. Using continuous block-level replication to move data into a new platform, CloudEndure eliminates the need for operating system level configurations, ensuring that migrations can occur while a system is still in use. The technology can handle almost all migrations without any concerns about performance impact.

Importantly, CloudEndure isn't just available for the Google Cloud Platform, it also offers migrations from almost any source into the Amazon Web Service and Microsoft Azure environments. To transfer applications, all enterprises need to do is select the application that they want to replicate or move, and target their preferred location in the cloud. Once the request has been submitted, the CloudEndure system uses its continuous replication process to move the entire application stack over to the cloud.

Once the application has been moved into the cloud, any changes that occur to the original data during replication are also mirrored within the target location in the cloud environment.


The Benefits of Cloud Endure Migrations

Thanks to CloudEndure migration, administrators for a company will be able to take advantage of scheduled downtime in order to "fail over" their applications into the Google Cloud Platform and begin running their solutions from a new, more scalable location. On the other hand, there's also an opportunity to simply cut over a copy of any application into the cloud during a live migration process.

The CloudEndure free migration service is part of an extended existing relationship with Google under which CloudEndure has long offered disaster recovery and migration for the Google Cloud. However, many businesses still don't know about this cost-effective service. If you're interested in making the move to the cloud in a more measurable and risk-free way, then this could be a no-brainer solution. With enterprise-grade live workload mobility, the CloudEndure solution provides:

  • Secure and quick block-level replication, to allow for no downtime.

  • An infrastructure and application agnostic solution for cloud migration.

  • Non-disruptive migration features that require no downtime or application functionality loss

  • Almost zero recovery point objective and recovery time objective

  • A 100% success rate for cloud migration

  • Easy set-up, with a single click fail over process.

  • A hugely reduced TTC

The any-to-any live workload mobility features of CloudEndure is perfect for live migration, development testing and staging, and disaster recovery. Thanks to a 30-second machine conversion and automated stack orchestration, CIOs can enjoy CloudEndure benefits for on-premises to cloud deployments, as well as:

  • Multi-cloud or hybrid deployments

  • Cross-region cloud deployments

  • Cloud to on-premises deployments


Removing the Challenges of Migration

Because of its unique and effective continuous block-level replication solution for migration, the CloudEndure service offers a 100% success rating. There's no performance impact, no reboot required, and no application configuration. Additionally, because the migration sits in the RAM, and not on the disk, it only requires less than 5% CPU usage.

The CloudEndure free VM/Bare Metal Backup service:

  • Reduces application workload complexity

  • Ensures compatibility thanks to eliminated conversion issues and support for various hypervisors and operating systems.

  • Minimizes costs with the elimination of duplicate infrastructure and unrequired software licensing

  • Offers the ability to reverse replication back to an on-premise system without any requirement for pre-built systems.

  • Provides data security, ongoing performance, and integrity with a private data path and end-to-end encryption.

For those considering migration to the cloud who need complete flexibility and low risk, the CloudEndure and Google partnership could be a dream come true. When it comes to taking advantage of a solution for multi-cloud, it doesn't get much better than a free solution, that minimizes risks, and ensures practically no downtime for your entire system. Whether for migration or disaster recovery purposes, the CloudEndure solution is ideal for CIOs.