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Embracing Digital Transformation: 4 Initiatives for IT in The Cloud

shutterstock_661767619 (1)Whether you're running a successful small business, or you have hundreds of employees working for your brand, there's no doubt you've noticed a shift in the companies of the day. In a world where everyone is connected, digital transformation has become a natural part of business growth. After all, you need to be in touch with the latest developments in the technical landscape if you want to stay ahead of the competition.

The question is, how do you stay agile and versatile enough to continue transforming in the months and years ahead? The simple answer is that you need a cloud suite capable of evolving at the same speed as your organization. Enter G Suite.

G Suite, formally named "Google Apps" gives enterprises a scalable, professional, and reliable option for business growth. Born and built in the cloud, it allows firms to streamline efficiency with apps ranging from document sharing to calendar management. Today, we're going to look at just four of the ways that G-Suite helps to support digital transformation.


Introducing a Culture of Collaboration

With G-Suite, companies can break down the walls between collaboration with easy messaging and strategic sharing. For instance, Google Docs allows employees in a firm to share and collaborate on projects in real-time, regardless of whether they're creating a presentation or resigning a contract. With real-time collaboration features in G-Suite, teams can:

  • Improve efficiency to solve problems and address complex tasks: Docs allow other people to give immediate feedback and annotations through built-in chat. There's also Hangouts chat available to for virtual conversations regarding a project.

  • Connect remote workers: With G-Suite, teams from around the world can enjoy the same connectivity as if they were in the same office. Google Hangouts ensures that people can collaborate wherever and whenever they like, using applications on web and mobile alike. There's also the option to use the G-Suite Jamboard (a digital whiteboard) to share visual ideas quickly and effectively.

  • Empower the right people: The granular permission settings with G-Suite mean that admins can control exactly how files are shared inside and outside of the organization. Users even receive warnings when they're about to share information outside of their network.


Boosting Productivity With Digital Transformation

Today's digitally-transforming organizations are always searching for new ways to boost productivity. G-Suite can help with this by using artificial intelligence to simplify and automate tasks like searching, scheduling, and organizing. With Quick Access to Google Drive, users see the content that's right for them based on prior behavior, so they're less likely to spend hours searching for content. Additionally, Google Calendar simplifies the process of meeting management by suggesting times for meetings, adding rooms for attendees, and more.

  • G Suite supports employees: By giving everyone the data they need, Google makes sure that your employees have the resources to do their best work. The Explore feature in Sheets allows people to ask important questions about the business and gain actionable insights in seconds.

  • G Suite improves workflow: From Gmail, users can generate invoices, follow up on sales opportunities, and prepare presentations without having to switch to a different app. Gmail Add-ons make life simpler for companies on the go so that productivity stays at maximum level.

  • G-Suite protects companies: Though productivity is crucial, it should never come at the expense of security. G Suite helps to ensure that data stays safe by giving admins the opportunity to choose which third-party apps should be permitted to access user data. OAuth apps whitelisting ensures that malicious apps can't trick users into giving them access.


Bridging the Gaps with Connected Knowledge

For many people - business professionals and consumers alike - Google is a hub of knowledge, saturated with information from around the world. With Google Cloud Search, employees can find useful business information to make quick decisions about their organization. Even admins can connect Search to other apps to ensure that they get access to the best information fast. With G-Suite, enterprises can:

  • Harness collective wisdom: By sharing ideas and projects across Google+, everyone in an organization can stay connected, crowdsourcing important information, discussing common interests, and more. Everyone can share new ideas, and businesses can tap into new experts and information that helps their teams to be more efficient.

  • Reduce redundancy: Make sure your team members are working on the right things by increasing the visibility of what team members are working on and keeping people focused on the same page. Docs make sure that everyone is working together in the same place, with changes automatically saving to the Google Drive.

  • Improve workplace security: The high-quality permission controls offered by G Suite ensures that everyone in the workplace only gets access to the information they need. This ensures that leaders can give their teams the best information possible, while also making sure that security stays a priority. With Team Drives, for instance, members can see the same files, regardless of who organizes or adds them.


Simplifying Admin with Secure Manageability

Finally, running any digitally transforming business requires exceptional leadership. G-Suite helps to enhance asset protection, simplify authentication and improve operational control in a single easy-to-use console. Time spent on the provisioning process can go from hours to minutes rapidly, and features like data loss prevention are easy to deploy. With the Google Admin app, administrators can maintain their workforce on the go. With G Suite, admins can:

  • Maintain full visibility of their team: G Suite centralizes identity and device management, so you can set up operating systems and devices with a few clicks. You can also choose from a range of profiles to keep personal and business apps separate. With G Suite OpenID Connect, you get a comprehensive solution for identity management in the cloud.

  • Tap into machine learning intelligence: With Google's AI in G Suite, admins can automate decision making and intelligently discover the highest priority security concerns without having to work about countless notifications. Gmail can even block phishing and spam messages with a 99.9% accuracy rate.

  • Migrate seamlessly: Google's AppBridge solution offers an enterprise-grade experience for migration to G Suite, whether you're in the cloud or on-premise, you can automatically transform your business with speed and resiliency, meaning that digital transformation is easy.

Want to learn more about how G Suite can help you with digital transformation? Get in touch with the Coolhead Tech team to begin your migration into the super-scalable, future-friendly cloud environment.