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Here's Our 2018 Lineup of Google Cloud AI Products

google-cloud-ai-lineup (1).pngArtificial Intelligence is quickly becoming a crucial part of almost everything we do in today's digitally-transformed landscape. Not only are machines picking the kind of social media stories you're reading, but they're also identifying people in photos, and making sure you're less likely to end up in an accident on the road.

Google Cloud Platform is giving companies the opportunity to tap into their own version of the artificial intelligence framework with a complete set of machine learning products, tailored for the modern business. There's even an API service and Tensorflow library available for customers who would prefer to "build their own" bot.

While there are other deep-learning systems available on the market, the Google services are quick, scalable, and easier to use than most. So, what exactly can you expect to get from Google's AI lineup this year? Well, let's take a look.


The Cloud Translation API

If you're thinking of going global with your business in 2018, then you're in luck. Those who have used Google in the past to translate text in another language or learn phrases for an upcoming trip will already be familiar with their machine translation strategy. Now, their translation API means that you can integrate your website with Google translation for an instant translation of any source text from a library of over 100 languages.

The translation API is available in the "Google REST" API. If you want to translate a document, you don't even have to extract the text you want to read, you can send it over in HTML and get it back in your language of choice.


Text Analysis API (NLP)

There's more to understanding text than simply being able to read it. The things we say (or type) have context and sentiment hidden behind them that can sway the way a conversation goes, or indicate how satisfied we might be in an ongoing interaction. The Google Cloud Natural Language system allows businesses to tap into the meaning of the text through a powerful machine learning models in a simple REST API.

With Google Cloud Platform, you can understand customer feelings about your product whenever they're talking to you in a messaging app, or connecting over social media. You can even read between the lines on documents that you load into the system yourself. It's the very same technology that Google uses to deliver specific answers in Google search, and through the Google Assistant.


Cloud Speech Recognition API

The Google Cloud "Speech" API helps developers in the marketplace to convert audio into text through neural network models in a simple format. The Google API can recognize more than 110 languages, so you don't have to worry about struggling with a global customer base. From transcribing audio files to enabling command and control through voice, the possibilities are endless.

You can even apply Google's deep-learning neural network solutions to the mix to access a higher level of accuracy in all of your transcriptions. Remember, the AI strategy becomes more efficient over time as it learns about your business.


Image Analysis API

You don't have to be an expert in arts and graphics to get an insight into the content of an image. The right machine learning models from Google analytics can help you to classify the images in your database into specific categories, by detecting individual faces and objects in a file. In fact, the image analysis API from Google can even discover and read words within images, so you can build a more accurate and in-depth meta-data file for your image catalog.

The image analysis API allows companies to moderate content, and access new forms of marketing thanks to the help of image-based sentiment analysis too.


Video Intelligence API

Just as the image analysis API makes it easier for companies to get to the bottom of the meaning behind images, the "video intelligence" solution makes video content more searchable and manageable too, by extracting important meta-data with a REST API. The machine-learning system annotates video in your company's cloud storage system so that you can pinpoint important terms and phrases for your campaigns.

For Google, video intelligence is all about extracting more significant insights from video files that would have otherwise been impossible to analyze. There's a library of more than 20,000 labels to work through, so you can rest assured that Google can categorize your business.


Dialogflow Enterprise

Ever wanted to invest in more natural conversations between your brand and your customer? In today's age of customer experience, it could be the perfect time to make a change in the quality of your interactions. Google's Dialogflow strategy is a development suite that allows experts to design their own conversational solutions for messaging platforms, mobile apps, And Websites.

You can use Dialogflow to build chatbots for your business that don't sound like machines. This makes it easier to maintain a stronger relationship with your customers, without spending as much money on customer service agents.


Cloud Job Discovery

As many companies know, the road to success starts with the right employees. The "Cloud Job Discovery" update from Google Jobs allows your applicants to find your open positions more easily. By making recruiting a simpler process for everyone involved, Google hopes to connect candidates and employers faster, and more efficiently.

What's more, because Cloud Job Discovery uses machine learning algorithms, it can easily evaluate apply rates, job site engagement, conversion, and more, while keeping your hard work to a minimum.


Cloud Machine Learning Engine

Finally, the Cloud Machine Learning Engine from Google is what ties everything together in the world of AI for today's development pros. With the machine learning engine, you can build your very own AI system using a simple and straightforward strategy that works on devices of any size or shape.

Models can be created using the "Tensorflow" framework that already powers the majority of Google products, including Google Cloud Speech and more. With the machine learning engine, you can access any Tensorflow model, and perform excessive large-scale training activities. You can also manage training models for batch predictions too.

As the online world grows more competitive; machine learning and AI are just some of the digitally transformative strategies that can help enterprises to get ahead in their industry. With the help of Google Cloud Platform and a little support from Coolhead Tech, you could achieve the next level of profitability and productivity.