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How can Google Sheets help you organize data with multiple users?


Traditional spreadsheet programs have powerful tools for organizing and analyzing data.This can be great—until you need to collaborate with co-workers on a particular project. Before long, your carefully-constructed spreadsheet devolves into a jumble of inaccurate figures and broken formulas.

As part of Google Apps for Work, Sheets was designed to function smoothly whether there are one or ten users. Here's why Sheets is the most effective solution for your collaboration woes:

Easy Access from Any Device

Usually, spreadsheets must be created and edited using dedicated software. In addition, files are stored locally so you have to be on a work computer or have remote access to the company server to work on them. Sheets allows you to create and edit files with nothing more than an Internet connection. Files reside in the cloud, so you can access them from your tablet or phone or even work offline. 

Real-Time Collaboration

Gone are the days of emailing files back and forth to get input. With Sheets, you and your co-workers can edit files simultaneously. You will automatically see all changes as they occur along with the name of the person making the edits. Have a sudden inspiration you want to share with the group? Simply click a button to initiate an online chat. 

Automatic Save

Don't worry about remembering to hit the Save button frequently, or even setting the Auto Save function. All your edits in Sheets are saved automatically as you enter them. Past versions are stored, making it easy to pull up revision history, sorted by date and the name of the person who made the change, to view an edit or even reactivate the older version.

View File Activity

Have you been on vacation and you want to see what has happened while you were gone? Use the Google Drive app to see a list of activity beginning with the most recent action.

Control User Permissions

It takes only seconds to share a file in Google Drive or the Sheets home screen as well as via links. Choose the level of access you want the recipient to have, from editing to commenting to viewing.

Compatibility with Other File Types

If a member of your team has an Excel file with valuable data, don't waste time awkwardly toggling between them. Sheets has the ability to import and convert spreadsheets so they are instantly available for editing. Once you're finished, the updated file can be exported as .xlsx, .ods, .pdf or other popular forms.

Open up your business to a new world of collaborative productivity. Put the power of Sheets to work for you and leave the other outdated methods behind.