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How to add and remove Licences using Appsadmins billing console

How to add and remove License using Appsadmins billing console

We have a quick and easy way to add and remove licences.

First you need to know what admin account is registered on our system usually it is the primary admin that you use to register your free trial or Gsuite account.


1.Log in on the Admin console using the registered admin account.

2.Go to the Billing console


3.On the billing console click CONTACT RE SELLER TO MODIFY ORDER.


4. Just click sign in with google if it pops up.



5. Once in click on the Subscription option on the left side of the screen.


6. Now you will see the option to add or reduce licences.

How to add and remove Licences using Appsadmins billing console-3-1


7 You can add and remove the number of licences that you want. and don't forget to click Confirm changes.

8.Now you can add new Users from your admin console.