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How to Manage Tablets in Schools


Using tablets for school has many advantages as well as challenges. While they provide many learning opportunities, they need to be managed properly to be effective learning opportunities. Here you will find an overview of the advantages of using tablets for school as well as a solution for some of the most common challenges.


One reason why tablets are effective learning tools is because they are engaging to kids. They make it easy for kids to enjoy learning. Another advantage is that they can be customized with apps for any grade or subject level. The new Google Play for Education store is a wonderful resource for teachers. You can find apps by grade level or subject matter. You can also purchase apps using purchase apps instead of a credit card. The apps in the Education Store are also made by educators. This ensures the apps give teachers what they are really looking for. Teachers also have access to the regular app store. Some apps that are simply considered games also have educational value. Cut the Rope teaches logic and problem solving skills, and Where's My Water is a great way to teach physics.


Most of the challenges associated with using tablets for school is making sure they are only used for their intended purpose and getting the proper content onto the tablets. Teachers can begin to set up their tablet preferences and restrictions before they even receive their tablets with the Google Admin Console. Teachers can turn specific services on or off. Some of these services include Google payments which allows teachers to purchase content with their credit card and Google Books which allows the students tablets to receive books that the teacher purchases. Teachers can also create groups for each subject or grade level so that students can only access the content in their group.

Device Management

Proper device management is essential when using tablets for school. When a teacher sets a tablet as being for student use, the tablet no longer has access to things like the Play Store and Youtube, and you can only enable wifi and bluetooth with the teachers password. The Device Management App is automatically installed on the device, so students can only access things the teacher allows them to. It also allows teachers to track the tablets, and they can set different restrictions for different groups of students.

Tablets can be a great educational tool with the right tools and resources. These programs make it easy for teachers to manage tablets for use in schools.