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Inbound Marketing Strategy And Its Importance To Your Business

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What is inbound marketing?

Any Central Texas business seeking to establish itself online has to understand inbound marketing. One of the best things about working at Apps Admins is that I get to sit in on some of the great training available over at Hubspot Academy, where inbound marketing is a hot topic.

For example, I recently participated in Rachel Goodman's introductory blogging course, which approaches inbound marketing in four steps:

  • attract people to your website

  • convert them to leads

  • close, turning leads into customers

  • "delight" them, turning them into promoters who give valuable word-of-mouth recommendations

 Why Blog?

Blogs are part of the first step. They get the visitor to your site, to begin with. Blogging the right way gets you to the top of Google's search results. 75 percent of users never even scroll past the first page of search results—so getting on that page is important. Companies that blog have 55 percent more website visitors than those that don't and blogging bring in 6.9 times more organic traffic.

It gives you a Google boost by increasing the number of pages on your site—each blog is its own page, and each page can be seen as a lottery ticket. The more tickets you have, the better your chances of winning.

"Those new pages are always out there, 24 hours a day, bringing people to your site and bringing people to your business," Goodman said. "They're a sustainable way to drive traffic."

Generate traffic by writing consistently. You have to blog as often as you want people to pay attention to you. Goodman says it should be at least two times per week.

"By posting regularly and consistently, you're actually training Google. Google's going to recognize this and thank you buy raising your site in their search ranking."

Truly, Inbound Marketing Strategy coupled with great content could work wonders for your business. The methodology helps you attract prospects, convert them into becoming delighted customers, and turning them into promoters.

Hubspot offers helpful courses on this and many other topics that you'll surely love. If you wanted to get started we can definitely help you get started as this is one of the services that we offer. Contact Apps Admins today for more information.