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New Google Apps Marketplace Brings Enterprise tools to Apps Customers

No one knows your business like you do. You know exactly what tools your employees need to bring your company to the front of the line and keep it there. Google for Work has provided the framework for you to build your system according to your needs. Now, the new Google Apps Marketplace allows you to customize it with hundreds of applications to maximize efficiency and subsequently, profitability.

Welcome to the Google Apps Marketplace!

With so many apps available, and more written every day, how can anyone manage the options effectively? The choices can be overwhelming, distracting upper management from critical business strategies. The Marketplace gathers all of the most popular apps in one virtual store, allowing you to investigate each one with the click of a mouse. Thoughtful categories allow you to target your interests quickly. Business tools, for example, are broken down further by department. Productivity, education, communication and utilities each enjoy their own categories, filled with apps that benefit those specific areas. 

Easy access and installation of Business Apps

One of the most exciting aspects of these products is that they integrate with ease directly into Google Apps for Work. Gone are the days that applications had to be modified to work effectively with your software. You no longer need to pay a technical guru vast sums of money to install expensive programs, one PC at a time. All your employees need to do to access the tools they need is click an "install" link.

The Google Administrator Remains in Control

Of course, you don't want your employees to spend all of their production time browsing cool new apps or installing apps that are not consistent with your business strategies. By disabling their ability to install apps, you can limit their access to the Google Apps Marketplace without eliminating your own. A simple setting in the Admin console will give you the control you wish. Just go to Apps> Marketplace apps and set whatever restrictions you find appropriate.

End users are also limited in what they can see. The Apps Admin Account Sign-in will provide you with access to applications exclusive to administrators. The beauty of the Google Apps Marketplace is that you can access all of the latest conveniences technology has to offer without sacrificing control of your business. You don't have to be a technological genius to have access to the latest developments.

Your Goto Partner for Google Apps Integrations

In spite of the simplicity of the website, business owners may find themselves in need of administrative assistance. Fortunately, help is nearby. As a Google for Work Partner located in Austin, Texas, Coolhead Tech is on hand to guide you through the maze of apps to help you determine which ones are best for you and keep you from getting lost in the cloud! You can count on Coolhead Tech for round the clock administration and the technical support you need to ensure the success of your business.

Google Apps Marketplace