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Pluralsight and Google Cloud Are Working Together


Enterprise tech skills platform, Pluralsight recently announced the development and subsequent release of their brand-new cloud skill development initiative for cloud customers. Launched as part of the Pluralsight educational platform, the initiative will include the introduction of a skill IQ assessment for associate cloud engineers who want to make the most of their time on the Google Cloud Platform. Additionally, the updated platform will also feature a new range of courses on things like machine learning, data analytics, Kubernetes, and even cloud infrastructure. 

The rapid growth of accelerating demand for cloud services has helped Pluralsight to understand the need for their new educational courses. According to the Chief Experience Officer for the company, Nate Walkingshaw, the growth of the cloud means that everyone needs to develop new skills and techniques when it comes to using cloud platforms. As the complexity and frequency of cloud deployments accelerate, some of the biggest companies in the globe are looking to Pluralsight for help giving their IT teams the education they need to make each cloud initiative a success. 

As part of their ongoing efforts to give every company the professional education opportunities that employees need, Pluralsight is now working closer than ever with their partners at Google Cloud to host a robust library of solutions for skill development. 

Getting the Most out of Cloud Investments

The new solutions from Pluralsight will help Google cloud customers to get the most out of their experience in the cloud. With the Pluralsight Skill IQ solutions, CTOs, CIOs, and technology leaders alike will be able to quickly index the skills that their teams have in the cloud and build a development strategy that will help them to close crucial gaps. The new Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer skill solution will measure talent in various areas. For instance, the system looks at the application development services space, data services, network design, Kubernetes, managing virtual machines, configuring access, and logging or monitoring. 

The VP of professional services for Google Cloud, Jason Martin, noted that the GCP environment had seen exceptional growth as enterprises continue to accelerate cloud adoption and implement business-critical projects for IT. As a greater number of enterprises turn to the cloud, the need for skill development strategies is greater than it's ever been before. Pluralsight's position as an educational expert makes the company a valued strategic partner in Google's roadmap, as the cloud company strives to bring its benefits to businesses around the world. 

Together, Google Cloud and Pluralsight will continue to release updated versions of the entire Google course library for the cloud on the Pluralsight platform. IT leaders will be able to browse through the range of solutions available to make sure that their employees have all the relevant skills required to take advantage of their latest GCP integrations. The Google Cloud courses available on the Pluralsight platform are also integrated with QuickLabs, which means that users can get quick hands-on experience in a Google Cloud sandbox environment too. 

Embracing the Need for New Cloud Skills

Ultimately, the world is entering an age of digital transformation, where all businesses are looking for new ways to adapt and grow. The cloud is a big part of this evolution. Over the next five years, experts predict that the cloud experiences that we have will change drastically. Already, we're seeing the environment begin to change through a shifting focus to the distributed cloud environment. Additionally, public cloud leaders are deploying their services in more enterprise data centers than ever before. Today's businesses can't afford to stand still when it comes to accessing the skills required to run an effective cloud model. 

To help enterprises of all shapes and sizes prepare for the evolving environment of cloud computing, Google and Pluralsight are ready to tackle the education and upskilling problem head-on. Currently, Pluralsight offers one of the broadest and most robust platforms for technology skill development available. The environment provides a wide range of cloud skill development paths to discover, giving IT leaders a comprehensive tool to ensure that team member skills align with the needs of crucial cloud initiatives. Pluralsight will also enable skill development for cloud adjacent tech like big data, security, networking, and more.