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RingCentral August Feature Releases

RingCentral, Inc. (NYSE:RNG), integrates the conveniences afforded by cloud technology with the functionality of Google products to bring exceptional communications solutions into productivity workflows. A steady stream of updates is vital to maintaining a position of leadership in this arena. Here are just a few of the exciting innovations released in August.

RingCentral Global Office

Consolidated_Telephone_Co._ad_1886It would be difficult to choose between increased efficiency and reduced cost. Fortunately, Global Office addresses both! A single cloud phone system allows you to connect foreign and domestic branches, dramatically simplifying management. By adding this option to your RingCentral package, you can reduce IT costs, skip expensive PBX systems and revolutionize your business communications. Adding extensions is a simple online process that requires only seconds to perform. You can make calls between extensions at no additional cost. Your staff can use mobile devices as well as their desktop computers to join forces across the globe. Your team can manage calls from a central location, using regional auto attendant, call queue options and shared lines. You can even consolidate your billing, dividing it into convenient call zones for clarity. Why pay your IT department to do what RingCentral's has already done for you? For flexibility, mobility and economy, RingCentral is your partner in communications solutions.

Single Sign On

Keeping track of passwords has been the bane of busy employees for years. Maintaining one for the phone system, one for the computer, and another for the software has been a frustrating facet of every agent's life and an expensive one for employers. Consider how much valuable time is wasted when agents forget their passwords and have to request resets. Not only are they not producing during that time, they have probably had to bring middle management and IT into the process as well. Single Sign On limits this tax on productivity by consolidating all company applications into a single action with one set of credentials. Not only does this increase productivity, it also provides additional security to each of your applications. A central authentication point minimizes phishing. At this time, the service is available only in the United States and Canada. It can be used only on the Service Web, RingCentral Mobile App and Desktop App. Your customers will still need to use RingCentral credentials to participate in RingCentral Meetings.

Corporate Directory

Polycom phones offer Contact Directory to allow you to search for your local contacts. Contact Directory works much the same way, but allows you to search within your company by first or last name or extension number, saving you time on internal communications. Currently, RingCentral is working to include Cisco phones in the offering, but as yet, there is no release date.

RingCentral Connect Platform

This exciting new feature is in a beta testing program in which you can automate workflows and integrate communication into key processes. RingCentral encourages its interested customers to participate in this option. Sign up online to request a developer account. RingCentral extends this offer to independent software vendors and value added resellers as well as their customers. 

The number of updates RingCentral releases each month is staggering. As a Google for Work Premier Partner, CoolHeadTech works with RingCentral and other innovative partners to help you integrate and implement the most current technology on the market to give your communications system the power it needs to meet all of your business needs.