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Using Chromebooks for Student Assessments


One of the daunting issues facing school districts in the coming years is transitioning to online testing. For the last couple of decades, schools have been built or reconfigured around a computer lab model to offer students access while working within tight budgets. Administrators across the country are worrying about how they are going to successfully test every student on their campus with the limited number of desktops offered by these computer labs.

A chromebooks for education program offers a fantastic solution and gives you a number of advantages you might not have considered.

Flexibility - Since configuration takes just a few minutes, you can test in the morning and convert the same machines back to regular use for afternoon classes. You won't have to coordinate computer lab time since the students will be able to use the chromebooks in their regular classrooms.

Reliability - Chromebooks boot up quickly and have a battery life that can last the entire school day. You won't have to worry about slow start up times or losing machines for recharging in the middle of testing.

Security - Switching the chromebooks to testing mode shuts off internet access, screenshots, and USB ports providing you with a secure device for conducting assessments. Working through the admin console, the devices can be switched from regular to testing mode with just a few clicks.

Accessibility - The Google Admin console allows you to make the adjustments you need whether you're managing 10 or 10,000 devices. With all of the parameters available in one place, converting the machines between modes is a quick, seamless process.

Usability - In the past, district wide curriculum-based assessments have been an onerous task for curriculum directors. They had to coordinate the creation of the assessment itself then distribute and collect the testing materials securely then manage the reporting of the results. The process has been streamlined over the years, but even today it requires lots of moving parts.

Using chromebooks for education as secure testing stations eliminates many of the variables. Students can complete the assessment during the prescribed time, and teachers can look at the results immediately. The immediate availability of results allows teachers to adjust the learning for individual students when students need it most.

Affordability - When you consider cost of a single curriculum-based assessment in terms of paper alone, the idea of online testing starts to make even more sense. How many reams of paper go into a single assessment? One test and one score sheet per student for every student in the district to use one time? Chromebooks for education also eliminate that significant one-time cost, moving your campus into an even more paperless world.

With chromebooks for education, you get the flexibility, reliability, and security you need to help your students succeed. You can use the devices for district-wide assessments and prepare for the eventual move to online testing.

Contact Coolhead Tech today to talk about how we can help you create a chromebooks for education program that is right for your school.