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WCW Lady Boss Weekly Feature: Lindsay Rae Perry

Lindsay Perry (3)WCW - Lady Boss Weekly Feature: Lindsay Rae Perry


Happy Woman Crush Wednesday! Here in Apps Admins, we’re all about women empowerment. Yes, you heard that right! This weekly lady boss feature will focus on the profiles, stories, and interviews of women entrepreneurs and business leaders. Our goal is to connect and inspire like-minded women across all industries.


Today’s lady boss feature is none other than our very own Lindsay Rae Perry, CEO of Apps Admins. Lindsay is not your average boss lady. What sets her apart is her perseverance and work ethic. She has her own unique style of leading her company in the Tech industry.


Recently, Lindsay was featured on The Charlotte Business Journal in the CLT Forward "A Walk Together" September special edition. The issue highlights over 10 locally black-owned businesses in Charlotte. She takes pride in representing a company as a black-owned tech firm.






If you're interested in reading more about the CLT Forward "A Walk Together" edition, head over to the Charlotte Business Journal's website .


Inspired to learn more about how we empower Lady Bosses around the world? Reach out to Apps Admins today!