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What is Google Vault?

Google Vault

Google Vault is an archiving tool that helps IT administrators in retaining, searching, managing and exporting an organization’s data. Google Vault is entirely web-based, so there's no need to install or maintain any software.

Google Vault is available on Google Workspace (G Suite) Business Plus, Enterprise, Google Workspace for Education and Google Workspace for Education Plus and G Suite Business. You can also purchase Vault licenses for an additional $5 per user, per month for G Suite Basic and Enterprise Essentials (domain-verified only).

Google Vault can be used to retain, hold, search, and export data in support of your organization’s retention. You can use Vault for Gmail messages, Drive files, Google Chat messages (history turned on), Google Meet recordings and associated chat, Q&A, and polls logs, Google Groups messages, Google Voice for G Suite text messages, voicemails and their transcripts, and call logs, and Classic Hangouts messages (history turned on).


Google Workspace (G Suite) customers can use Vault for:

  • Retention—Set retention rules to control how long data is retained before being removed from user accounts and deleted from Google systems. Learn about retention.
  • Legal holds—Place holds on users to preserve their data indefinitely in order to meet legal or other retention obligations. Learn about holds.
  • Search—Search your domain's data by user account, organizational unit, date, or keyword. Vault supports Boolean and wildcard operator searches. Learn about search.
  • Export—Export data for additional processing and review. Learn about exports.
  • Audit reports—Use Vault audit reports to learn about actions Vault admins have taken during a specified period of time. Learn about audits.

Once you already have a Google Vault Service, you can access it by following the steps below:

  1. Go to https://vault.google.com/
  2. Sign in with your Google Workspace ( G Suite) username and password.


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