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G Suite is Now Google Workspace


G Suite is Now Google Workspace!


Remote work is no longer an option for business owners today. And while Google's top-notch innovation has enabled us to collaborate more efficiently.  If we're being honest, we are all missing those mid-morning water cooler moments with our colleagues, or the lunch/brainstorm sessions with our dynamic team.

The reality is, working from anywhere makes fostering human connections difficult. Well, thanks to Google's insight. We now have a solution!  

This month , Google has announced it's first of three major brand new developments in productivity solutions, Google Workspace.  Formerly known as G Suite, Google Workspace was an innovative solution to an evolving global remote workforce.  

Google Workspace offers:

  • All-in-one integrated work experience.
  • Enhanced human connection.
  • More efficient collaboration and communication. 

and much more...

For existing Google Customers, check out this article to gain more insight Google Workspace offers and upgrades. 

We at Apps Admins believe Security is #1 priority, click here to learn about the new security and compliance features Google Workspace is offering. 

To learn more about Google Workspace new features, pricing , and more. Reach out to Apps Admins to learn more about our cloud solutions and services.   


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