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Here's how to Use a G Suite Promo Code on Apps Admins and Google

save-on-g-suite-promoApps Admins works with Google Cloud partners and Google direct to provide small and mid-sized businesses some great deals on G Suite and G Suite integrations.   Our best promo code, freemonthly, provides an extra free month of G Suite each year.  It's available exclusively on Apps Admins.  Here's how to redeem offers


You might receive a promotion code from a Google partner that gives you a discount price on a Google service subscription. These promo codes are good when you select a billing plan through Google's affiliate program. If you have a promotion code, enter it when you select your billing plan. If you do not enter it at that time, you can NOT add it later.   

Notes on G Suite Promo Codes from Google.

  1. Important: To receive your discount, be sure to enter your promotion code now. You can’t enter it later.

  2. These codes are never posted online, they must be requested from a Google Cloud affiliate.  
  3. Discounts are usually one time or limited to your first year.

More information on G Suite Promo Codes from Google available on Google's support site.


Using a Promo code for G Suite with Apps Admins

Through our G Suite partner, Apps Admins offers a simplified system for discounts on G Suite.  Generally there are two promo codes offered:  One for a free month (taken as a monthly discount) and one other seasonal discount.

To Redeem a promo code for G Suite with Apps Admins you need to have started a G Suite Free Trial with Apps Admins on appsadmins.com.    Here's the link:  G Suite Free Trial with Apps Admins

Notes on G Suite Promo Codes from Apps Admins

  1. You can enter the promo code freemonthly at any time to receive a discount equal to a free month every year. 
  2. The promo code freemonthly is shareable but exclusive to G Suite by Apps Admins
  3. The discount remains available for your account continuously 


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