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The Best 'Most Recommended' App for G Suite

On its own, G-Suite is one of the most efficient and effective productivity suites in the marketplace today. In fact, there are more than 3 million businesses worldwide that rely on G-Suite to keep their operations running smoothly.

With G-Suite in your chosen edition, you can send secure emails, share documents, build spreadsheets and so much more. However, because Google knows that businesses often rely on more than one vendor to get work done, it has also designed the G-Suite environment to work seamlessly with other third-party tools.

The integration capabilities of G-Suite mean that companies of all sizes can implement the tools that they appreciate most into their productivity workflows. To help you make the right decision on how to use G Suite extensions this year, we've put together a list of the top business apps for 2020, recommended for use with G-Suite.

  1. RingCentral Office G Suite Edition
  2. Smartsheet
  3. AODocs
  4. Docusign
  5. LumApps


RingCentral Office G Suite Edition


Google App Store rating: 4.5 (700,756 users)

Quote: "I am a huge fan of RingCentral! This app is so easy to use my 5 year old can work it... and the features are comprehensive! Great job RingCentral."

While Google and G-Suite do have their own approach to phone and voice connectivity, it's not nearly comprehensive enough for most enterprises. Ultimately, while G-Suite Voice will help you to accomplish some basic communication tasks, if you want a fully-featured VoIP offering, you may need to look elsewhere. Fortunately, with RingCentral Office G-Suite edition, you can integrate your phone system directly into your Google cloud business applications.

The RingCentral Office solution for G-Suite is a reliable, secure, and high-quality tool that allows businesses to make and receive enterprise quality calls from the same screen as the apps they use every day. Features include:

  • Enterprise-quality calling from within your company's G-Suite productivity applications.
  • Message and fax within your cloud environment
  • Hold meetings and conference calls from inside of your browser
  • Single pane of glass performance for all communication requirements
  • Click to dial any phone number in your G-Suite applications
  • Listen to voice mail from within your Google apps
  • Send and receive text messages inside Gmail
  • Schedule meetings and audio conferences in your Google Calendar
  • Invite up to 1,000 participants to a Hangouts session

The RingCentral Office G-Suite edition application is used by over 350,000 businesses worldwide. RingCentral is recognized as one of the Gartner leaders for UCaaS and communications over the cloud. In the G-Suite, your RingCentral Office will help you to stay connected to the people in your team without having to jump between different apps.

RingCentral G-Suite edition starts at a reasonable price of $15 per month per user, and it comes with a thirty day free trial available. What's more, because the RingCentral Office G-Suite edition is based on the cloud, it can grow and scale with your business. You'll even have access to unique features like on-hold music, custom greetings and promotional announcements for your business calls.

If you need a comprehensive phone system that works through and with G-Suite, then RingCentral Office is the tool for you in 2020.


Smartsheet for G Suite


Google App Store rating: 4.5 (more than a million users)

Quote: " I am a product owner of SmartSheet within my organization. The tool is great for collaboration, project management and communication. They continue to add features and enhancements based on customer feedback. If you can utilize Excel or MS Project, then you can easily master this tool."

Smartsheet is another of our G-Suite business apps of the year, offering sensational functionality for companies that need access to immersive spreadsheets. More than just an extension of the sheets function on Google G Suite, SmartSheet gives you everything you need to transform rows and columns into a full project management app that can handle everything from reporting and budgeting to resource management.

This unique cloud-based application makes spreadsheets smarter and helps you to get things done, without relying on a typical project management platform. You can capture, manage, automate and report on work at scale, creating more efficient processes for your business. It's no wonder that millions of users already rely on Smartsheet. Features include:

  • Adherence to the highest levels of network, facility and data protection
  • Easy set up with import feature for existing projects
  • Templates for easy use
  • Flexible scalability for businesses of any size
  • Collaborate online with automatic reminders and alerts
  • Attach files directly to projects and timelines
  • Change the view of your sheets to suit your employee needs
  • Access Single sign-on for instant productivity
  • Attach any kind of Google file or Doc to every row
  • Sync projects with Google Calendar

SmartSheet offers a 30-day free trial to help get businesses started, and there's nothing particularly complicated to learn when you want to begin. You can either use one of the existing templates that Smartsheet has to offer or import your existing projects to get your sheets up and running. With Smartsheet, you can handle everything from budgeting and reporting, to resource management and time tracking.

The pricing for the premium model of Smartsheet starts at around $19 per person per month, with discounts when you pay for your service on an annual basis. There are also enterprise packages available for larger companies that need more assistance and professional customer service. You'll need to contact the Smartsheet team if you want to get a customized quote for your enterprise package.


AODocs for G Suite


Google App Store rating: 4.9 (5,101,579 Users)

Quote: "Aodocs is a great tool and really helps us get the most out of Google, we wouldn't be able to function without them! The support team are all very friendly, and super helpful .Especially Dave and Wes!"

When it comes to finding the best business apps to use with G-Suite and Google Drive, it's hard to go wrong with a tool that was specifically designed for the G-Suite environment. AODocs is one of the only business process platforms that was built from the ground up for intimate Google Drive integration. This means that businesses from all backgrounds can control documents, implement business-critical process and meet requirements for compliance with ease.

More than a million business users today have adopted Google Drive as the primary solution for their storage and collaboration needs. AODocs helps businesses to address their document management requirements, making complex environments more simple. Features include:

  • Robust process engine that helps business leaders to manage documents and information across all departments within an agile environment
  • Document control: Manage your entire document lifecycle from collaboration and creation to retention, disposal, publication and more.
  • Compliance: Ensure easy compliance with some of the leading industry regulations, including SOX, GDPR, and PCI, all while working in your preferred cloud environment
  • Migrate easily from your existing content repositories within your Google Drive
  • Build business apps within a matter of days or weeks, rather than months, and integrate them with your G-Suite tools
  • Integrate with other business applications like SAP and Salesforce for a single version of truth.

AODocs was designed to support companies that need absolute enterprise content control and security features without compromising on user experience. The AODocs environment combines the collaboration and sharing capabilities of Google drive with the centralized control and organisation features that today's employees need to comply with their industry and regulatory standards.

Built entirely on the Google Cloud Platform, AODocs gives companies the scalability, security and strength of Google's infrastructure, with access to additional customization features. Currently, this immersive application is used by thousands of customers across more than 75 countries. Various leading brands also rely on AODocs to help keep their cloud environment organized and efficient in a world where data is becoming one of the most essential components of any workforce.


Docusign for G Suite


Google App Store rating: 4.5 (2,864,834 users)

Quote: " DocuSign is so easy to use. It saves travel time and mail time. I would recommend this service to my friends and family. Customer service is excellent!"

Document and data management is one of the most crucial features of today's leading G-Suite business apps. Moving into 2020, Docusign offers businesses the organizational features that they need to keep processes running as smoothly as possible. This cloud-based electronic signature software can be used to approve business documents and contracts through the web. With Docusign, team members can create, save and share documents with easy-to-fill fields among their team members.

One of the most popular cloud signage apps on the market today, DocuSign appeals to millions of customers worldwide that need to process important documents with their employees and customers. Features include:

  • A free plan that never expires
  • Authenticated sign-in-process for compliance and security
  • Electronic and mobile signature management
  • Fillable forms and custom templates
  • Multi-party signing options
  • Option to personalize the branding on each document
  • Real-time trail for auditing
  • Reminders and notifications for your signers
  • Reporting tools and extensive analytics
  • Signature workflow and task progress tracking

One of the things that sets DocuSign apart as one of the most popular G-Suite business applications for 2020 is how simple it is to use. Everything you need is contained on the same cohesive dashboard, where you can see the status of all the documents that you've sent out to be signed by members of staff, contractors or clients. You can also see which stage your document has reached in the signing stage and send out notifications or reminders for signatures that are pending.

To make the service even more accessible in the modern workplace, DocuSign also comes with a mobile application for a range of different devices, including iOS, Android and Windows services. You'll also be able to get the premium service on an affordable monthly subscription that includes support via a vast community.


LumApps for G Suite


Google App Store rating: 4.0 (3,738,591 users)

Quote: " It's very good but pricing for education is too much, google apps for education is free for school, they should do something for schools. Especially primary schools, budgets don't go that far. Intranet is very good to have in the cloud but nothing you can't do locally on your server. I hope they change the approach to schools... would be a shame otherwise "

LumApps, formerly known as LumSites is the final option in our list of the top business apps for G-Suite for 2020. This social and mobile intranet helps to keep employees from all backgrounds and environments connected, leveraging your internal communication strategy into a central hub. With LumApps, you can bring corporate news, business applications, and other crucial tools together, reducing the common silos on today's workplaces.

Designed with a close focus on customer reviews and testimonials, LumApps helps to enforce corporate culture and give people access to the information they need at the right time. Features include:

  • Design and style customization to suit the needs of the company
  • Structured information with profiled content
  • 360 internal communication options
  • A full collaboration suite that works with G-Suite tools
  • SaaS based on the Google Cloud platform
  • A comprehensive knowledge base for all users
  • Powerful user directory for connecting with other workers

LumApps provides users with a holistic intranet environment where you can find all the information and content that you need in an efficient and cohesive space. All you need to do is log into your Google account to get started, and everything will already be synced with G-Suite. LumApps helps users to engage and collaborate easier, sharing content in an environment that they can trust.

LumApps offers its services on an annual subscription basis that comes with access to customer support via an online helpdesk and email, although some users have complained that it isn't always easy to get a response from the service team.

Finishing Thoughts

The tools available as part of your G-Suite productivity environment are fantastic and immersive on their own. However, if you're looking for a way to upgrade your business operations in 2020, our selection of the top G Suite business apps for this year will help you to do just that. With the tools above, you'll be able to boost your workplace efficiency, enhance productivity, and build a more powerful team.


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