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The Best Integrations and Add-Ons for Google Calendar

The Best Integrations and add-ons for Google CalendarThe G Suite Marketplace and integration of the year awards feature apps that work with Google Calendar to make your work easier and convenient. From scheduling meetings to managing conferencing calls and your team’s work, the apps below help you do everything conveniently within the Google environment.

G Suite Marketplace is an online store from Google Inc. for web applications compatible with Google Apps (Gmail, Google Sites, Google Docs, Google Contacts, Google Calendar, etc.) and other third-party software. The Apps are based on Google Apps Script or Google APIs. Some apps are free.


Zoom for Google Calendar



Integrating Zoom into your Google Calendar makes it easy for you to join, schedule, and manage your meetings within Google. With the use of cross-platform compatibility, simplified management, and icons, you can enjoy great meeting experiences conveniently.

The Zoom calendar add-on ties together everything you might need (from one-on-one meetings to webinars and town hall meetings). It is a frictionless video experience on mobile, computers, and conference rooms.

One user gave Zoom for Google Calendar a five-star rating and said, ‘’Makes it easy to add a zoom meeting to your meeting.”

Zoom for Google Calendar has an average store rating of 3.9 stars and 3,892,702 users.


Cisco Webex for Google Calendar


Cisco Webex makes it easy to schedule or join Webex meetings.

The Webex icon appears on your screen whenever you need to schedule meetings. You can schedule the meeting rooms and people you need for a meeting, and when it is time to start, everybody will see a button or link to join the meeting.

What’s more, the Cisco Webex suite has cloud capability, which allows you to connect with teams and people anytime, anywhere. To use Cisco Webex, your system administrator must integrate the app with Google Calendar in the Cisco Webex Control Hub or Cisco Webex Site Administration. Also, users need a Webex Meetings host account on top of their G Suite account.

A user of Cisco Webex gave the app a five-star rating on October 15, 2019, and commented, “Fantastic.”

Cisco Webex has an average store rating of 4.5 stars and 2,520,734 users.





GoToMeeting is an online collaboration software that allows users to connect with other people across the globe virtually. Thanks to Google calendar integration for GoToMeeting, you can seamlessly schedule, manage, and quickly join any upcoming meetings directly from your Google Calendar.

GoToMeeting allows you to jump from meeting to meeting once you set your schedule without ever leaving the Google environment. The app is equipped with HD video, screen sharing, and crystal clear audio that is ideal for:

  • Reliable meetings
  • Sales demonstrations
  • Personal interactions through video conferencing
  • Professional collaboration
  • Workplace transformation and productivity

A user of GoToMeeting gave the app five stars and commented, “Simply the best meeting app.”

GoToMeeting has an average store rating of 3.9 stars and 589,039 users.

Wrike for Gmail



The Wrike app is a powerful online project management software tool that enables users to accomplish more, at scale. The app allows you to create Wrike tasks from your emails, send and receive comments, or view and edit tasks without leaving Gmail.

Sometimes managing your work by email can be challenging, especially when several people collaborate through multiple email threads, which tie back to a project. What’s more, although today’s production-focused teams rely heavily on collaboration, they also require ready access, greater work control, and visibility to remain agile and get the work done.

Some user reviews commented that they found the app did not work correctly and could not disable or uninstall it.

Wrike has an average store rating of 4 stars and 585,014 users.

UberConference for Google Calendar



UberConference allows users to schedule calls from their Google Calendars and easily access their call information.

With UberConference you can:

  • Easily schedule or start a conference call from an extension popup once you copy your UberConference URL and number directly from the extension.
  • Control your calls using visual screen broadcast and feature-rich call recording, chat, mute, and summaries.
  • Own your meeting using a toll-free or local number, custom URLs, and add up to 100 participants.

One user review from September 10, 2019, commented, “Merging Google and Apple.”

UberConference has an average rating of 4.4 stars on G Suite Marketplace and 326,325 users.

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All the apps above integrate seamlessly within the Google environment and are all found on G Suite Marketplace. To learn more about the specific apps nominated for the G Suite Marketplace Awards, visit the G Suite Marketplace page.