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Comparing G Suite Billing Plans


G Suite is among the most effective business tools for small and medium businesses. It comes in three plans as well as multiple freebie packages. You can either choose the Basic, Business, or Enterprise plan. Irrespective of your budget, there is a plan or package that can help you drive your business forward. Here’s a review of the G Suite pricing plans.

1. The G Suite Basic Plan

Just as the name suggests, this is the most basic G Suite billing plan. Similarly, it is the most affordable. Even so, the Basic Plan still grants you access to essential Google features, including Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Gmail. The Basic G Suite billing plan offers you 30GB of storage space, which is somewhat low when compared to what the Business and Enterprise plans provide.

Most small and medium businesses are likely to use up this limited storage space quite easily. Therefore, the Basic Plan is mostly suitable for startups that don’t require too much storage space. The billing plan has a monthly cost of $6 per user.

2. The G Suite Business Plan

Of the three G Suite pricing plans, this is arguably the most widely used. It is a significant upgrade from the Basic plan. What makes the Business Plan popular with small and medium-sized businesses is the fact that it offers unlimited storage. All this comes at a price since the plan costs $12 every month per user.

3. The G Suite Enterprise Plan

If you are looking for a premium G Suite billing plan that offers advanced controls and capabilities and unlimited storage, the Enterprise Plan should be your go-to option. It costs $25 monthly per user.


What Makes The G Suites Pricing Plans Similar?

There are several standard features in all the three G Suite billing plans. They all give you access to Google apps such as Sheets, Docs, Keep, and Driving. You can access these apps from mobile devices and still enjoy an ad-free experience.

Also, you can access a centralized admin console, 24/4 online or by-phone customer service, and the ability to work offline. Moreover, users can access and edit Office files. Nonetheless, the most exciting feature is that you can implement user-managed security keys for data protection purposes.


What Makes the G Suite Billing Plans Different?

The incredible features that you get from all the three G Suite billing plans may make you think whether it is worth paying more for a premium edition. Besides the cost structure and storage space, here are some of the differences between these plans.


  • Google Vault

This is an eDiscovery and archiving tool for G Suite. It can be used to conveniently access, monitor, and maintain the corporate data of your domain. Without this tool, it’s easy to lose accounts that get deleted from your Admin console. Google Vault is only available to Business and Enterprise Plan users. If you are a Basic Plan user, you need to pay an extra $5 per user monthly to access this tool.


  • Hangouts Meet

If your business needs a video conferencing solution, look no further than Hangouts Meet. This is a fast and lightweight tool that enables multi-person video calls. Although it is available in all the three G Suite plans, Enterprise users can include up to fifty users. Business and Basic users can add only 25 users. Similarly, Enterprise users can record meetings for future references.

Since G Suite works by integrating various Google AI tools, it can help you to do business effectively. Likewise, small and medium businesses can leverage this tool to maintain a professional online presence. The most significant advantage of this business tool is its flexibility as far as pricing is concerned.