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G Suite Enterprise Delivers Unparalleled Security, Control and Insight for Google Apps Admins


Technology giant, Google unveiled a number of new must have admin controls and security tools for G Suite. The improvements are aimed at providing customers visibility over sensitive information and greater control. From security key enforcement and enhanced analytics to data loss prevention tools (DLP) and S/MIME encryption, these additional layers help protect confidential business information.

The service provider is confident that the enterprise-grade controls offer levels of visibility that are required by Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) and regulators.

The updates are great news for both G Suite Business and G Suite Enterprise customers. They bolster security for mail and other applications that boost productivity and collaboration. The enhancements make it easier for G Suite administrators to prevent unauthorized access and the possibility of losing important data.

When it comes to analytics, the changes enable admins to gain insights from data by simply connecting the BigQuery data analytics engine to Gmail. The updates solve a critical issue by improving controls with the aim to protect sensitive assets.

The changes are centered on three key aspects and capabilities, including:

  • Managing user access to devices and systems
  • Controlling data sharing with external parties or systems
  • Gaining crucial insights into employee activities and behavior

Security Key Enforcement in G Suite

Google offers administrators the option to use a two-step verification process to improve protection. Doing so ensures that systems are protected from attacks. The verification process involves the use of security keys, which come in the form of USB devices. Users can connect via Bluetooth by pairing with a mobile device or plugging into a computer. The approach is more effective than other verification methods.

The new update enables administrators to enforce this procedure by authenticating login credentials using the security key. The changes also make it easier for admins to view security key usage reports and manage allocations. Introduced in 2011, this form of two-step verification process provides both ease-of-use and robust security across all devices.



Monitoring employee activity and behavior

Integrating Gmail logs and the BigQuery data analytics engine provides a sure-fire way for admins to gain insights and identify issues. The pre-configured integration announced by Google allows G Suite customers to initiate complex custom queries, create tailormade dashboards and analyze data.

Data Loss Prevention in G Suite Enterprise

The new changes enhance data loss prevention (DLP) capabilities for Google Drive. DLP was introduced in 2015 with advanced customization, OCR capabilities and more. With the new updates, administrators can easily control data sharing with external systems to prevent accidental transmission. They can also manage content stored on the company's systems and bolster data security.

Data loss prevention (DLP) for G Suite now goes beyond the standard capabilities. Admins can take advantage of easy-to-configure rules and assess content stored in images using OCR recognition. This bolsters enforcement of data usage, storage and sharing policies.



G Suite for Business and Enterprise customers now enjoy increased protection from email spoofing. The new measures provide a practical way for companies to safeguard privacy and data security. Google has introduced S/MIME encryption for Gmail with the aim to close loopholes created by other email services that are used to send emails to Gmail users.

G Suite customers can now exercise the option to utilize their own certificates for S/MIME encryption. In turn, admins will be in a better position to set data loss prevention (DLP) rules and enforce S/MIME usage.

2017 - Year of Mobility & Lockdowns

The additional security and privacy controls in Google's new G Suite Enterprise edition is welcome in this era of "Cloud Everywhere."    The decision to move core productivity software to The Cloud has been made.  Technology Directors and CIOs must weigh options based on protecting users first.  Long gone are the days of your users working behind the office firewall, plan for mobility, plan for security, we can help.