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Here’s How Much G Suite is going to Cost You in 2020


In April 2019 Google Cloud raised prices for the first time since the paid service launched. Many Google customers signed contracts to allow classic pricing through April 2020. At that time their prices will increase to the new G Suite pricing.

New G Suite Pricing for Basic and Business Editions


Over ten years ago, Google launched Gmail – an app to help make emailing easier and safer for every user. Since then, the company pioneered more methods for organizations to collaborate in real time with services such as Google Docs, Drive, and Calendar. Altogether, those apps form G Suite - Google’s set of intelligent, safe productivity and collaboration applications.

They’ve provided businesses with over twelve new G Suite products to help them reimagine their operations, including Hangouts Meet, Hangouts Chat and Cloud Search. Additionally, they have infused their services with advanced artificial intelligence techniques to make it similar to reply to emails, collect insights from data and prevent phishing attacks.

Currently, over four million teams utilize G Suite to work efficiently and securely. With its expansive set of capabilities, the platform provides a robust value proposition to clients.

Over the past decade, G Suite has grown to offer more tools and functionality to help businesses improve their operations. The one thing that has not changed over those ten years is the price.

However, on Jan 16, 2019, Google announced two price increases that took effect on April 2019. The G Suite Basic edition saw a price increase of $1 from $5 to $6 a user per month. Likewise, the Business Edition experienced a price raise of $2 from $10 to $12 a month per user. The new G Suite Pricing changes apply worldwide with local market adjustments for specific locations. Pricing for the Enterprise Edition remains unchanged at $25 a user per month.

The price increase for the G Suite Basic and Business edition Flexible Plan took effect on April 2, 2019. For the Annual Plan, the prices were expected to go into effect the first time a client renewed their plan on or after April 2, 2019. The changes did not impact existing contracts or renewal events before April 2, 2019.

Moreover, for the clients who signed up for Basic or Business editions between February 1, 2019 and April 1, 2019, the new G Suite Pricing took effect from June 1, 2019.



Which G Suite Plan Is Right For You?


If your business is small with a handful of staff members, you can probably survive with a G Suite Basic plan. The plan still offers core software services including Gmail, Google Docs, Sheets and Slides. However, with the Basic edition, the Google Drive only offers 30GB of storage. For a complete team that is making Google Docs most of the time, it’s not hard to reach that limit.

On the other hand, the G Suite Business Edition offers unlimited Google Drive storage. Many businesses have no other option but to pay for the Business plan as it offers unlimited storage. The Basic edition would be perfect for small business if the Drive storage was not so limiting.

If costs is a primary concern and you can only use the Basic Edition, look for other ways to save your documents e.g., Drop box. That way, it will be easier to clear up Google Drive space as required.



Can You Get Discounts on G Suite?


Currently, it’s possible to get a discount on G Suite pricing. Google has a G Suite reseller program, and partners who attain all their qualifications can resell G Suite accounts at discounts. Technically, the partners receive a discount and can then provide any price above that. Ultimately, many of them pass on some of the discount to clients. They do so for the purpose of incentivizing clients to purchase through them rather than going straight to Google.

For small businesses, it’s not easy to gain access to those resellers for G Suite pricing discounts. However, the process is easier for enterprise businesses looking at major IT overhauls or those with links to agencies that understand reseller applications.

Fortunately, there’s one way to receive a small discount for a small business. While G Suite no longer offers U.S. clients an annual plan, it’s possible to get one at a discount from web hosts. For instance, you can receive two months free on G Suite when you sign up for the service via Bluehost.

If cash is tight, check your web host to see if they provide a small discount on G Suite pricing. Do so before signing up for G Suite on Google’s site directly.



How to Lower Your G Suite Bill


To save on your G Suite costs, check for the following items on your account:

  • Do you have former employees that are still listed as users?
  • Are there contractors that got access when they shouldn’t have?
  • Did developers add one-time members for projects that are no longer required?
  • Is it possible to consolidate some admin or operations members into fewer accounts?

By running through the above checklist, you can reduce your monthly G Suite bill significantly. Audit your G Suite accounts at least once per annum to avoid unnecessary charges.