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The Most Popular Apps in The G Suite Marketplace

G Suite is Google's all-in-one approach to giving business users around the world access to the tools they need for better productivity and efficiency. With a G Suite subscription, you can give each member of your team access to endless sources of content sharing solutions, as well as their own professional email address and collaboration hub.

However, as most companies are beginning to discover in recent years, developing the perfect working environment sometimes means venturing beyond your favorite vendor, to find solutions that integrate with and enhance your workflow. Google's wide range of business apps and integrations allows companies of all sizes to make sure that they have the features they need to strengthen employee performance and growth.

Here are the 5 most popular apps in the G-Suite marketplace for 2020.

  1. Lucidchart Diagrams
  2. Bettercloud
  3. GAT+
  4. Backupify
  5. Awesome Table


LucidChart Diagrams


Google App Store rating: 4.3 (10 million+ users)

Quote: " I've depended on Lucidchart to create diagrams for several years now. The results are stellar; something about how lines are rendered (including how overlaps are handled) and how auto-spacing works just makes your diagrams much more visually appealing than its contenders (e.g. Docs, PowerPoint)."

Perhaps one of the best known apps in the G-Suite marketplace, Lucidchart is a state-of-the-art visual productivity platform designed to support team collaboration and growth. With Lucidchart diagrams, employees can work together in real-time to create wireframes, flowcharts, diagrams, and so much more. You can even access things like diagram automation and data linking too.

With a free trial to get you started, Lucidchart offers exceptional features and enterprise-grade security through integrations with AWS, SAML, and SSO. Additionally, domain lockdown is provided to keep data secure. With the G-Suite integration, you can manage and enhance all of your documents within the Google environment with ease. Features include:

  • Create libraries for every environment, including mockups, wireframes, organizational charts, and more.
  • Integrate with the entire G-Suite environment, as well as other leading tools like Microsoft Office, Slack, Jira, Confluence, Salesforce, and many more
  • Import a range of files into your system for easier access to crucial documents, and run Lucidchart in all major browsers
  • Unlock the benefits of real-time collaboration with commenting via @mentions and real-time in-editor group chat.
  • Extensive version control and revision history with export options to a range of files.
  • Enterprise-ready security with automated account provisioning and domain lockdown
  • Easy-to-share and public scenarios with the option to create presentations or publish straight to social media

Lucidchart makes visual productivity easy with the option to create professional and interactive tools that are ideal for any team or project. You can also use Lucidchart's Visio import and export options to make transitioning from previous tools into a new environment as painless as possible. Lucidchart runs in every major browser and comes with the option to control versions and history too, so you don't have to worry about keeping track of your files or managing complex compliance policies.


BetterCloud for G Suite


Google App Store rating: 4.8 (10 million+ users)

Quote: " When you try this tool, you'll wonder how you could be working without it. It really makes the google apps management very friendly. You won't regret to try it."

Another contender for the most popular app in the G-Suite marketplace for 2020 is Bettercloud. One of the leading security and administration tools available in the Google environment today, Bettercloud was designed as the first SaaS solution for operation management that works cohesively with the entire Google space. This unique software as a service offering empowers modern IT teams to transform, define, and enforce their management and security policies when dealing with SaaS applications in the workplace.

As the reliance on software in the modern workplace continues to expand and grow, companies are consistently facing issues like the rise of shadow applications and tools. Security teams and management need a solution that allows them to keep track of the technology that teams rely on in their space, to allow for better compliance and regulation. With Bettercloud, teams can:

  • Access continuous event monitoring within an easy-to-use interface
  • Manage and set individual and bulk remediation actions to improve business privacy and security
  • Set up fully-automated solutions for policy enforcement to keep potential issues to an absolute minimum
  • Access deep connections to APIs that allow IT to monitor system configurations, user behavior and complex data activity across all SaaS applications
  • Enforce custom policies that include user onboarding and offboarding, data exposure, and least-privilege admin access

Currently, the Bettercloud SaaS management platform is used in more than 60 countries around the world, by over 10 million users. To install it, you'll need to be an admin within your G-Suite environment. The Bettercloud solution is designed to give companies of all sizes and backgrounds more control over the growing cloud experience that helps them to run and operate their business. If your company uses a lot of cloud technology or software as a service offerings, then Bettercloud will help you to keep the risk of exposure and security issues to a minimum.

With a clean and simple interface that's easy for anyone to navigate, Bettercloud combines all the information that you need about users, data and programs into a space where you can keep risks and threats under wraps with comprehensive and automated policies.


GAT+ (General Audit Tool+) for G Suite


Google App Store rating: 4.7 (10 million+ users)

Quote: " I am writing this review as an IT admin for a school with GSuite. This tool picks up where Google left off. It's a great auditing tool for emails, files Drive, etc. Works off of APIs, and Google keeps changing the formula, making it hard for third party vendors to keep up. That being said, GAT+ has a great support team and works diligently to fix any issues. Very positive experience working with the tool and their support team."


Another of the most popular G-Suite tools available on the app marketplace today that's only available to be installed via the admin "domain install" feature is GAT+. This unique tool is one of the most comprehensive and immersive auditing and protection tools on the market for the G-Suite space. This auditing software covers everything that you might need to evaluate in your Google environment, including calendars, applications, users, sites, your Google Drive and even your email. You can also check out the quality of various chrome extensions and collaboration products too.

The system comes with a 15 day free trial to help you get a feel for the kind of features that are available. However, according to the reviews that we read, once you've got a taste of this auditing tool, you'll wonder how you could have lived without it. The 360-degree auditing solution provides more visual insight and protection than any other security tool designed for Google. GAT was the first protection and audit tool to appear in the Google marketplace, and it's still the premier option for today's companies. Features include:

  • Real-time search of your entire Google and G-Suite environment
  • Silent access to all emails and documents via the Unlock feature
  • Features folder maps for email and drive, as well as Drive external sharing insights, drive file tree maps, and email flow maps.
  • Collaboration maps available through the Let's collaborate extension
  • Real-time blocking and reporting of crucial information sharing.
  • Reporting for every minute of every user activity within the Google space
  • Shield extension to see how your users are spending time on certain sites

The most comprehensive Google G-Suite auditing tool on the market today, GAT+ comes with everything that a modern business needs to evaluate device, tool, and information usage in the workplace. You can control how your employees use their chrome login time, and make sure that everyone is complying with the policies and regulations laid out for your business in no time.


Backupify for G Suite


Google App Store rating: 4.0 (8.8 million+ users)

Quote: " Essential companion for Google Apps. We had to restore some documents mistakenly deleted by Google Drive a few days ago, fortunately we are using Backupify for a while now, and we were able to restore all lost documents. Thanks!"

Peace of mind is something that all businesses want more of in today's fast-paced and chaotic work environment. While the cloud and tools like G-Suite allow you to store more of your information in a scalable destination you also need to ensure that you have a strategy in place for keeping that information protected and secure.

Backupify is the leading application in the G Suite marketplace for cloud-to-cloud backup and G-Suite support. This basically means that you can enhance the protection that you have for your crucial files by making sure that an additional version of your information is always available with Backupify. While this features is admin-install only, you can get a free trial from the Backupify website to help you test out the capabilities first. Features include:

  • Option to securely backup your entire Google and G Suite environment, from contacts, to calendar details and team drives
  • Quickly restore all information from a specific time point to a user account, or export data to your local environment.
  • Protect your G-Suite documents and information using state-of-the-art security features like 256-bit encryption and SOC type 2 auditing compliance.
  • Find and manage backups for your Drive files and crucial emails by hunting for content via document type, recipient, and time filters
  • Keep your data safe from all forms of harm and loss for complete peace of mind in the cloud.

More than 31,000 customers, including the Financial Times, Tumblr, and Warby Parker rely on Backupify today. If your company is reliant on Google G Suite apps, Gmail and other crucial productivity tools, then you can't afford to take the risk that your content or data might one day go missing. Although Google can preserve your information in the cloud, it's also a good idea to have a second backup available if something goes wrong.

After all, what would you do if someone accidentally overwrites or deletes a file in your company today? Would you have another source of the same information available? Backupify offers a best-in-cloud G-Suite solution to keep your cloud data secure and protected, so you never have to worry about what you might do if you end up losing essential information.


Awesome Table for G Suite


Google App Store rating: 4.9 (10 million+ users)

Quote: " Excellent app and platform. Keep up the great work!"

Last on our list of the most popular G-Suite apps in the G-Suite marketplace is the awesome Awesome Table. This unique application allows you to display your spreadsheets however you choose with a quick and easy-to-use interface. You can transform a simple sheet from Google into a graphic and display it on your website, or make it into a directory, map, or Gantt table with card views.

Awesome Table works with both the new and classic versions of Google sites, making it available for any CMS, intranet or website. All you need is a G Suite account to get started. With Awesome Table, you can display the contents of your Google Sheet in a way that suits you. Ideal for presenting information in a more consumable way, Awesome Table is ideal for the data-driven business. Features include:

  • Multiple display options including cards view, table view, Gantt chart, people directories, advanced summaries, map views and more.
  • Advanced user provisioning to help you create immersive knowledgebase tools and documents using pre-set templates
  • Sort through data with immersive interactive filters so that your teams can track down the information they need quickly.
  • Access add-ons to take your display options to the next level.
  • Free for up to 1,000 pageviews every month

Making the information in your workplace as easy to consume as possible is one of the easiest ways to empower your team and drive more productivity. With Awesome Table, you can present data in a more immersive format, no matter what kind of data you're trying to deliver to your audience. There's the option to access everything from publication workflows, to advanced people directories and more.

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While popularity doesn't necessarily mean that an app from G-Suite is perfect for your team, it does make it easier to assess which tools are driving the most success for other businesses. The five highly popular G-Suite apps above could offer you something incredible to transform the way that work gets done in your enterprise.