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Sanofi and Google Create New Healthcare Innovation Lab

Sanofi and Google Create New Healthcare Innovation Lab

Google isn't just the company changing the computing world as we know it. The Google cloud could also be responsible for transforming the way that we deal with things like health, pharmaceuticals and patient care.

Over the last couple of months, we've seen various brands strengthening their relationships with Google. Rush Medical Center recently upgraded their Google strategy to bring more intelligence and data analytics into their healthcare environment. Now, leading pharmaceutical innovators Sanofi are taking a similar approach.

With Google's help, Sanofi is already on the path to establishing a brand-new virtual innovation lab. The lab is intended to transform the way that future health services and medicines are delivered, tapping into the incredible power of things like machine learning, and big data.

With help from Google's advanced data analytics and machine learning tools, Sanofi believes that it will be able to change the way that treatments are developed and delivered in the healthcare environment. On top of that, the business will also be able to improve their operational efficiency, boost productivity, and deliver better experiences to patients and customers.

Leveraging Google Analytics for Better Health Insights

The new collaboration between Google and Sanofi will take advantage of high-level analytics across a vast variety of data sets. This will allow Sanofi to uncover more useful information about diseases and patient experiences. As a result, the company believes that it will be able to unlock and develop more personalized approaches to treatment and health outcomes. 

Developing both scientific and commercial solutions, the Sanofi and Google innovation lab has the power to transform the pharmaceutical space. In a press release about the partnership, the Chief Digital Officer for Sanofi, Ameet Nathwani said that the company will soon be standing on the cutting edge of a new era for human health and biology.

The new insights that Sanofi can access with Google's help will give the company more power to transform healthcare through partnerships with analytics companies and  technology brands. Additionally, combining Sanofi's biological innovations and data with Google's state-of-the-art cloud computing and AI functionality should lead to amazing results. Sanofi aims to give people more control over their therapy and healthcare options going forward. 

The Sanofi team also plans to work with Google to apply artificial intelligence across a range of data sets, so that they can more easily forecast sales needs and inform supply chain efforts. AI will also be able to take into account real-time information about customer preferences, along with geographic and manufacturing constraints. 

A New Age of Innovation for Sanofi

According to the Sanofi team, the aim of the new collaboration is to transform the way that Sanofi develops and delivers new treatments, focusing on a variety of key objectives. The underlying goals of the partnership include:

  • Better understanding patients and diseases
  • Increasing operational efficiency and performance
  • Delivering better results and experiences to patients

Alongside the development of the new innovation lab, Sanofi will also be updating its infrastructure by migrating some of their existing processes and applications into the Google Cloud Platform with Google Migrate. 

With Google's help, Sanofi is taking another step towards making the UK one of the leading companies in the world for medical technology and innovation. By leveraging things like scalability, automation, and agility, along with increases in analytic and data capabilities, Sanofi will be able to simplify and accelerate their legacy management strategy and improve their access to disruptive technology. The transition into the Google Cloud Platform alone should have a significant impact on the company's cost efficiency. 

In an announcement about the new partnership, the Chief Digital Officer and Medical Officer at Sanofi, Ameet Nathwani said that the business is looking forward to taking advantage of their opportunity to transform the healthcare landscape. Google's team has also shared its excitement to be investing in yet another new partnership within the healthcare environment. 

The CEO of Google Cloud, Thomas Kurian commented on the relationship between Sanofi and Google, stating that life science companies are in an excellent position to benefit from Google technologies. These brands are currently looking more aggressively towards the future, with data-driven innovations that fuel the future of new healthcare solutions. Google is looking forward to collaborating with the Sanofi team to accelerate the growth of new healthcare and pharmaceutical opportunities around the world.