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The Benefits of Data Warehousing in Google Cloud


Mid-market enterprises struggling to keep pace with the latest technology and end-user requirements are beginning to recognize the value of the cloud for many crucial activities. For instance, in a world where companies need to be able to manage large amounts of data quickly, the cloud provides an ever-flexible and scalable environment where information can be securely stored.

Research suggests that up to one-third of businesses that use data warehousing solutions have already migrated to the cloud. As the popularity of cloud-based warehousing increases, customers that haven't considered cloud warehousing before are beginning to ask what they can get out of a transformative new strategy.

Today, we're going to look at the components that may be driving the shift away from the standard on-premise data warehouse, and into the world of public, private and even hybrid cloud deployments. Here are some of the biggest benefits of moving your data warehousing strategy to the cloud - Google's cloud, in particular.


Better Security

Security has always been an important consideration for businesses of all sizes. However, in recent years, as regulations like MiFID II and GDPR have emerged, it's more important than ever for companies to have the right strategy in place for privacy and governance. Data warehousing in the cloud gives you an environment where you can keep all of your crucial information safely stored in the same easy-to-access location. According to Google, many of your best practices and tools for security will also work in hybrid and cloud environments, but you don't have to rely on traditional practices alone.

Leading cloud data warehousing providers like Google take security very seriously. For instance, the GCP supports data encryption, tokenization, and masking. Many users are still struggling to implement things like masking and encryption in traditional data warehouses, so migration into the cloud can modernize a company's security standards. Google employs hundreds of security experts and researchers to deal with threats and address cloud security expectations in their business. The security on a cloud data warehousing solution is typically much better than anything a mid-market business can accomplish alone.


Advanced Analytics

One of the main reasons that companies are moving their data to the cloud is that it makes it easier to access that data for things like machine learning and AI training. With advanced analytics products from Google like BigQuery, businesses can take their data warehouse design to the next level. Because there's no infrastructure to worry about (everything is managed by Google on the cloud), companies can focus entirely on analyzing data for meaningful insights. Google created BigQuery to leverage many of the excellent technologies now available in cloud environment, while still support the older technologies that are still necessary for many warehousing professionals. 

BigQuery is Google's highly scalable and serverless data warehouse, which allows businesses to scale and use their data in a flexible way. Google's cloud provides companies with the freedom that they need to explore their information in an environment that adapts to suit them. BigQuery functions help to mix new and old services interchangeably, and there's plenty of ways to build on your data with other Google functions like Cloud Machine learning and data analytics. Google can even help you create your own AIs based on the data that you collect within their cloud.


Save Money in the Short and Long-Term

One of the biggest advantages of cloud-based data warehousing solutions is the option to save money on up-front costs. You don't have to worry about investing vast amounts of cash into hardware and software necessary to maintain the right data for your company. Implementing a new infrastructure isn't just about boosting your bottom line.

Once you've saved money on your data warehousing strategies, you can invest that cash into other strategic initiatives, like using your data to better understand customers, or creating chat bots for an extra form of customer service. 

Thanks to the wide range of solutions that platforms like the Google Cloud have to offer, up-front savings on initial hardware and software investments can lead to longer-term savings, increased profits and a better market share over time. With the cloud, you also free up some of the resources that would be dedicated to looking after your data warehousing environment. Google Cloud offers a number of managed services or "infrastructure as a service" solutions that takes the hard work off your IT teams' shoulders and allows them to focus on digital creativity instead.


Agility and the Freedom to Innovate

Ultimately, data is the most valuable resource available in the digital world. Today's companies rely on data to help them do everything from justifying budgetary spends, to deciding where they should spend their money next. Ultimately, the cloud gives companies the freedom that they can't get anywhere else when it comes to accessing and using their data. With the cloud, you can even scale your data warehousing strategies up or down according to your needs, without having to worry about time-consuming and expensive hardware investments.

For instance, if you decided that you wanted to start gathering large amounts of data to create your own artificial intelligence assistance, then you'd need to upgrade your warehousing strategy. With a cloud-based solution, doing this takes a matter of days instead of weeks. There's no complicated structuring to worry about, or technicians to bring to your site. You can simply jump into the next stage of your data strategy as soon as you've decided what kind of technology you need to move forward.


Ready to Explore Data Warehousing on the Cloud? 

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Whether you're storing data to find out more about your customers' needs, or you're looking to be a part of the next big disruptive technology like AI, Apps Admins is here to help.


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