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The Best App Utilities for G Suite

best-utilities-for-g-suiteIf you’ve been following our blog for the last few weeks, you’ve probably noticed a trend.

We’ve been highlighting some of the best and most lucrative tools in the Google and G-Suite app marketplace, which you can use in 2020 to empower your teams and drive more business success. After all, one of the most amazing things about the G-Suite is how extensible and flexible it can be for today’s evolving enterprises.

If you’re ready to take your experience with G Suite to the next level in 2020, then checking out the apps of the year (as rated in 2019) will give you an excellent place to start. In this week’s list, we’re going to be looking at the Utilities apps in the Google marketplace.

These are the various tools and plugins that can transform the way that you work with Google and the G-Suite through things like connectors, security and backup systems, and more.

Let’s take a closer look.

  1. Business Hangouts
  2. SysCloud Security and Backup
  3. Sheetgo
  4. Zapier
  5. CloudFinder

Business Hangouts


Google App Store rating: 4 (2,325,714 users)

Quote: Best webinar tool with Best Features. We usually used Business-Hangouts for our online meetings. We feel it's very easy to set up and user-friendly interface. We can share images, files, and recording on YouTube etc. with our team on web conferences. Providing best features with affordable pricing. We also conducted large events with large no. of participates without any issues.

Looking for an easy way to update the way that you communicate with your teams? Business Hangouts in the G Suite could be just the solution – particularly if you’re already comfortable with the Hangouts experience. Specifically designed for use with the Google G Suite, Business Hangouts appeals to more than 2 million users around the world.

With Business Hangouts for G Suite, you’ll get an all-in-one tool for virtual events and online meetings, where you can bring people together to share ideas and inspiration. The system is fully integrated with the G-Suite, so you can use it alongside Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides and more. Additionally, there are plenty of easy options available for sharing content. You’ll be able to upload information immediately from Microsoft PowerPoint, Word or Excel, and screen-sharing is available too.

Optimized for the mobile workforce, Google Business Hangouts comes with no complicated software to install or special Pins to remember. The experience is simple and easy to use for both public and private events, with features like:

  • Screen sharing
  • Content sharing with various popular file formats
  • Mobile responsive design
  • Customizable and brandable business pages
  • Video chat
  • WebRTC with no software install
  • Registration via Facebook, Google, LinkedIn or Gmail
  • Private and public event hosting
  • Moderated chat features
  • HD streaming
  • Free support and training
  • Cloud-based SaaS tools

Created to suit a wide variety of businesses, Business Hangouts can help bring your teams together for more immersive meetings or give you an excellent environment for a corporate event. Educational facilities can use it for group learning sessions, while enterprises can live broadcast their webinars to virtually anyone. There’s even support for government agencies that want to host large town hall meetings, elections, or live polling events.

Google Business Hangouts also comes with extra features like full in-even analytics so you can get insights into every interaction, and integrations with popular email platforms and CRM software.


SysCloud Security and Backup for G Suite



Google App Store rating: 4 (6,391,665 users)

Quote:  We are a not for profit organization needing an affordable yet robust backup solution for our Google App domains. Ryan Nix was the fella we worked with. He was/is awesome, helpful, kind, knowledgeable, and takes the time you need to explain everything to you... We are happily using this cloud-based service and feel relieved our data is being backed up and retained based on the policies we set up in the admin portal. Easy to use. Affordable to buy. Secure. Enough said :-)

From a tool created to support webinars and events to a solution intended for boosted security and backup protection. SysCloud Security and Backup for G Suite is a solution intended to help enterprise companies protect their users and data in Google from the increasing risk of issues like data breaches and phishing.

An admin-only install service, SysCloud uses state-of-the-art security and backup technology to detect and stop breaches and tools from accessing your sensitive data. The software offers threat visibility and prevention services so that you can defend your applications and infrastructure properly. Additionally, you’ll be able to use the same service to update everything from your Gmail security to your data loss prevention efforts. Features include:

  • Compliance with greater visibility for your industry.
  • Support for HIPAA, SOX, PCI, FERPA, FIPPA, CIPA and more
  • Gmail security for phishing and whaling attacks
  • Ransomware protection
  • Restore and backup features
  • Anti-malware protection for Google drive
  • Automatic uninstall of unsafe applications
  • User behavior analytics and forensics
  • Drive encryption

For anyone using the Google cloud environment and G Suite to run their business today, the SysCloud solution can be an excellent utility to add to their stack. After all, we can all benefit from the extra peace of mind and support that the right security and data protection system can afford. The application from SysCloud will help to prevent and reduce the risk of data theft, as well as encouraging better compliance and security throughout your workforce.




Google App Store rating: 4 (589,247 users)

Quote: We've been using SheetGo for a few weeks to manage employee timesheets and now we are working on a custom project to streamline our RFQ process. Thus far, we find the product itself to be very useful, robust, and scalable. Additionally, the customer service and support has been world-class. We've had the pleasure of engaging with Jackie, Bobby, Will, and Monique! The SheetGo team has definitely gone above and beyond welcoming us, helping us onboard, and ensuring that our objectives are met.

SheetGo is an intriguing but often overlooked application in the G-Suite app marketplace for utilities. Designed to help you combine your various sources of information, including CSV documents, Excel sheets, and Google Sheets, SheetGo makes importing, exporting, merging and filtering data simpler than ever. Whether you’re looking to send data between Google Sheets systems for a more automated experience, or you need to send data from Excel files to Sheets automatically, this app has you covered.

You can use the filter feature within the SheetGo application to select the specific data that you want to transfer into your Google environment, then automatically migrate that information over. SheetGo gives businesses everything they need to consolidate and centralize the vast amounts of information that enterprises collect every day. Once you have all of your content in the same environment, it’s much easier to use that data to make informed business decisions.

Features of SheetGo include:

  • Send data from Excel or CSV to Google Sheets automatically
  • Only transfer the data you want to move with filtering options
  • New filter by color option to send data according to rows or cells
  • Consolidate and centralize data with the consolidate function
  • Freeze and append spreadsheets to compare data over time
  • Distribute reports and information with the useful Export feature
  • Schedule automatic updates at defined intervals
  • Use smart delay to transfer data only when it’s ready
  • Access peer-to-peer connections to send data in spreadsheets from one location to another
  • Preserve formatting in your documents and spreadsheets
  • State of the art security for all Google information

The SheetGo environment comes with all the security features of Google G Suite, and all of the data transmissions are managed via a secure connection. With this application, you can monitor all of your connections at a single glance, and update information automatically from one environment to the next. You’ll even be able to access templates in the web app that allow you to create your own unique Google Sheets workflow.


Zapier for G Suite



Google App Store rating: 5 (474,372 users)

Quote: This app is fantastic on so many levels. It brings automation for those who are novices and experts into the realm of the possible. It really is something that you need to use on a daily basis. It gives you your life back.

In a world where interoperability and integration are becoming more crucial than ever, Zapier is an application that most businesses have heard of already. Regarded by developers and business owners around the world to be one of the best ways to integrate Google Apps products with other tools around the world, Zapier creates the links you need in your business for better efficiency and productivity.

You can use the Zapier G Suite application to automate the connections between your Google Sheets, Forms and Calendar, and other third-party apps like Trello, Salesforce, and MailChimp. When a standard integration isn’t available, more than 1 million people turn to Zapier to connect multiple apps at once and automate repetitive tasks without having to rely on coding and developers. Features include:

  • Automatic if-this-than-that integrations
  • Save hours with minimal setup time
  • Arrange for easy automation
  • Avoid manual duplication and entry issues
  • Create integrations between everything from Evernote and Google Docs to Asana and Google Tasks

Companies around the world rely on the Zapier G Suite app to streamline and enhance the operations in their business workflow. For instance, you could create new spreadsheet rows on Google Sheets with submissions from Typeform, or design Trello cards using labelled Gmail emails. You can even download tweets with specific mentions straight from Twitter into Google Sheets, or add Trello card due dates to your Google Calendar.

Zapier supports automatic integrations with hundreds of apps, so you can essentially create any automatic trigger that you like, without any restrictions. You can check out more of the options that are available with Zapier by examining the app for yourself.


CloudFinder for Google Apps


Google App Store rating: 5 (45,386 users)

Quote: Been very satisfied with Cloudfinder for Google Apps. I wouldn't have signed up for Google Apps without knowing that I needed to have a good backup solution in place. Gives me a piece of mind knowing our data is backed up, and they made the setup and user interface super simple and intuitive. I also found their customer support to be very prompt and helpful. No regrets.

Finally, CloudFinder is the Google Apps marketplace utilities solution for businesses that need help backing up their information. The Cloudfinder Backup for Google apps offers a reliable and automatic backup of your complete Google Apps Suite. That means that you never again need to worry about things like Google Contacts, Calendar, Gmail, and Google Drive information going missing.

While there are many excellent things to love about this application, one of the most stand-out components of CloudFinder is the fact that it comes with such a simple search and restore solution. If you can use Google search, then you’ll have no problem using CloudFinder too. This app also gives you greater insight into your company’s data. Features include:

  • Fully automated backups
  • Simple search and restore
  • Cross-platform functionality
  • Powerful search filtering
  • Easy restore from any document
  • Unlimited storage
  • Excellent service

With Cloudfinder, you can visualize your data in the Google G Suite environment and check out what kind of information you have available for your reports and business decisions. Additionally, with the powerful filtering features, tracking down the data you need has never been easier.

Which Utilities Apps Will You Be Using?

As we head further into 2020, do you have an idea of the kind of Utilities apps for the G-Suite marketplace that you’re going to be using? We’ve covered just a handful of our favorite options in the list above, but there are dozens of alternatives to check out within the G-Suite marketplace. Additionally, developers and innovators are publishing new apps and tools to the G Suite space all the time.

Let us know about your favorite apps and integrations in the comments section or reach out to Coolhead Tech today for more Google guidance.