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4 Fantastic Uses for Chrome Devices in the Enterprise World

apps admin blog (7)When Google announced they would be releasing their very own OS alongside a range of incredible devices to support and enhance the enterprise world, critics didn't think that the Google solution would ever come close to Linux and Windows in terms of popularity. Now, of course, more companies are starting to tap into the benefits of these simple, accessible, and lightweight devices than ever before.

In fact, case studies from Google show that everyone from internet-based image sharing companies like Pinterest, to banks and retail companies can enjoy the benefits of a Chrome device. To help you decide whether these innovative solutions are right for your brand, we thought we'd look at just four of the most compelling use cases for Chrome devices in the enterprise world.


  1. Give Knowledge Workers a Portable Workplace

  2. Enhance Customer Experience with Digital Signage

  3. Streamline Shift Worker Management

  4. Video Conferencing Endpoints for Collaboration


Portable Workplace

The remote working trend is growing at a phenomenal rate, with employees from industries all over the world constantly looking for new and improved ways to access business technology on-the-go. Whether you've already invested in the mobile work revolution, or you're just beginning to explore the benefits of flexible scheduling for the first time, Chromebooks could be the answer to a more diverse workforce for your enterprise.

Starting from an out-of-the-box easy-to-use enrollment experience, customers can access all the apps they need to be productive simply by logging into their Chrome account. Businesses can load all the secure apps and data their employees need onto the cloud and take advantage of the always-on layered protection for added privacy online.

Google even recently released their own "Enterprise" license for companies with more than 200 policies. This system comes with a simple but effective management interface, G-Suite access, and legacy software support solutions. If you need something that isn't already available with the Chrome OS, you can simply use Google's virtualization solutions to fill the gaps instead.

All that, and your knowledge workers can use their chrome devices regardless of whether they have access to the internet or not. With a chrome system, employees can access the files they need edit projects, and changes will simply sync up to the cloud the next time they're connected to the web.


Digital Signage

Point of sale evolution has been a common part of running a successful business in today's digitally transforming world. The lightweight and highly portable nature of chrome devices mean that they're perfect for signage solutions in a retail environment, or customer service space. Chrome solutions of all shapes and sizes can be used to power signs, kiosks, and entire workstations.

Google has deliberately designed their chrome tablets and other components to make them perfect for digital signage needs. With Chrome, you get a reliable and affordable device management platform, regardless of whether you're only using a single screen, or thousands at once. What's more, enterprises can tap into APIs and added extras to create their own digital sign according to their specific needs. Google has a network of plenty of established partners ready to choose from.

Because each chrome device is built with speed, reliability, and simplicity at their foundation, you can rest assured that your digital signage experience will never falter. What's more, the easy-to-use interface and admin feature ensure that you can manage all of your chrome components through the same console, with the opportunity to access health monitoring, configuration, and OS management services too.

Built according to the highest industry standards, Chrome devices offer support for a range of peripherals that can run on the most affordable hardware on the market today. This means that even small companies and start-ups can have next-level displays. What's more, you can sign up for a Chrome Enterprise console 30-day trial without spending a penny. That means you can check out the technology before you invest any money.


employee Tracking

Chrome devices can also be an excellent way to keep track of employees on enterprise shifts. This simple and secure device platform is perfect for caregivers, shift-worker employees, and other specialist use-cases. With Chrome, employees can simply check in when they start their day and log out when it's closing time, making it easier for companies to track working hours.

Unlike a traditional computer system designed for logging shift workers and employee hours, Chrome devices are cost-effective at a fraction of the expense of a standard PC. Additionally, though they might be less expensive, they don't compromise on performance, with applications that deliver unmatched uptime. Enterprises can rest assured that the apps their company needs to run will be available whenever their staff needs them most.

As shift workers continue to access more business applications and processes through computers, Chrome is a flexible and versatile choice for the modern enterprise. It supports a wide range of different use cases, with the opportunity to choose between plenty of channels and manufacturers. From HR onboarding services to financial logistics and more, Chrome devices can be the foundation of any enterprise shift worker strategy.


easy Collaboration

Finally, collaboration has emerged as an important component of a successful business environment in today's modern world. Coworkers want to be able to do more than simply talk to their peers on the phone when they're dealing with a complex project. Chrome devices can act as simple, cost-effective video endpoints that allow for immersive collaboration experiences within the enterprise environment.

The Chrome system allows business leaders to instantly schedule and launch meetings with external and internal participants including up to 25 devices. With nothing but a link, users can enjoy real-time instant collaboration, and the devices themselves are so simple that they can be set up within a matter of seconds.

The video conferencing facilities offered by Chrome are powered by the popular Google Hangouts experience, and this means that anyone can join a meeting, whether it's through a mobile device or web connection.

Could Your Enterprise Benefit from Chrome Devices?

Whether you're looking for a solution to enable your remote working strategy, endpoints for video conferencing, or a digital signage and kiosk solution, chrome devices could be the components that take your enterprise to the next level.

To find out more about the Chrome OS and the components it powers, reach out to the experts today at Coolhead Tech. We'll help you to launch your Chrome-powered business.