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5 Reasons Schools use Google as an Educational Partner

Google Education

Most people understand that the best use of limited school resources is in the classroom. What most people don't realize is how much work happens behind the scenes to help make teachers the very best they can be. Teachers love to teach and administrative tasks often slip by them, much to the annoyance of campus and district administrators. Coming up with a system that helps teachers with those necessary but onerous tasks can help school district improve in fundamental ways.

Finding someone with the expertise to streamline those processes can be difficult for a school district. You may find yourself debating whether it is better to build something in house or look for an outside source. A Google for Education Partner can help you come up with a system that seamlessly integrates administrative tasks to help teachers be more effective rather than just complying with directives from central office.


1. Google Certified Administrators provide expert advice.

Your Google for Education Partner is going to make sure you have a certified Google Apps Administrator who can directly assist your tech office. These are professionals that specialize in Google Apps and bring years of Google training and expertise. Where your district's instructional technology department may have to juggle software for taking attendance, recording and reporting grades, and facilitating lesson planning, certified Google Apps Administrators specialize in how to integrate those systems. They can diagnose the problems and come up with the most efficient solution to help all of these processes run smoothly.


2. Google for Education partners can offer oversight.

A 3rd party Google Certified Education Partner can perform regular audits on Admin logs, Google Apps Vault and security settings to ensure a safe and compliant school. Just one campus will generate an enormous amount of data that can provide key information. Cumulatively, that means a district can make improvements campus-level or district-wide improvements if it knows where to look.

A Google for Education Partner knows how to sift through the mountain of data to find what is going well and what can be improved. They can automate that process to give feedback you can use. In addition, Google Partners work independently from Google, so they can keep an eye on Google corporate to make sure your students and faculty data is private and secure.


3. Schools can save money on chromebooks and tablets.

Using a Google for Education Partner can save a district money in the long run. Your Partner knows where to find extras like console management and complimentary products. They understand how to optimize licenses as well as how to make the best deals for hardware like Lenovo and Dell Chromebooks. They also have expert insight into networking essentials like Ruckus Wireless and key Google for Education integrations like Ringcentral's PBX.


4. Education partners can integrate hardware and software that complements Google for Education products.

Problems come up. What's the best way to facilitate effective use of Chromebooks for students and staff? How do you design a powerful WiFi system with enough bandwidth for all devices and also provide the security you need? What apps and software are available to automate repetitive processes? Can you design a script that a particular problem? Google for Education can help answer and solve these questions. 


5.Your local Google for Education partner is vested in your community.

Your Google for Education Partner helps you when you discover unexpected problems and offers expert solutions. A successful implementation requires integration at the classroom level. The classroom is the most fundamental unit of a school, and it's where your efforts can have the best effect on student performance. A Google for Education Partner has expertise in what has worked for other organizations.

Most schools find themselves reacting to technological innovations. They tend to lag behind. If you ever had to crank the handle on a mimeograph machine or cleaned the spool on an overhead projector, you know how far we've come. Smartboards and digital projectors have replaced those devices, but many times today's students have a more powerful computer in the smartphones in their pockets than teachers have in the desktops on their desks.

Google Apps for Education can help school districts close the technology gap, and a Google for Education Partner can help you find out how. They bring a special level of know-how to your project that can help your students achieve more.

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