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8 Features To Get Upon Migrating Through 'Cloud Migrator'

8 Features To Get When Using The Cloud Migrator (1)g-suite-calendar-migrationsThis post will look at the effect on Google Calendars, Tasks and Reminders from migrating a whole Google Workspace (G Suite) domain from one primary domain to another.  Companies and organizations want to manage their Google Workspace (G Suite) domains in a single account.  

We’re using ‘The Cloud Migrator’ from CTS, a Google Cloud Premier Partner out of the UK. The software is the most popular for Google Workspace (G Suite) to Google Workspace (G Suite) migrations because of its extensive configuration options. Here are the key features of a Calendar Migration from The Cloud Migrator.


  • Main Calendar
    • All Google Workspace (G Suite) calendar appointments, and recurring appointments are migrated to the new Google Workspace (G Suite) domain.  There are some discrepancies if you attach both a meeting link and a file to the appointment. Reminders and Appointment Slots do not migrate.
  • Secondary Calendars
    • Secondary Google Workspace (G Suite) calendars are migrated to the new  domain with the same rules about attachments, meetings, reminders and appointment slots above.
  • Tasks
    • Google Workspace (G Suite) tasks are migrated to the newGoogle Workspace domain.  These are different from Reminders which will show on the calendar.
  • Attendees
    • Google Workspace (G Suite) appointment attendees are migrated and distributed to everybody invited to an appointment in the new domain.
  • Date Ranges
    • Filter which calendars, tasks and resources are migrated to the new domain by setting a date range.
  • Reminders
    • Google Workspace (G Suite) appointment reminder settings are migrated to the new domain. Reminder settings, not the actual reminders.
  • Shared Calendar Rights
    • Google Workspace (G Suite) shared calendar rights are migrated to the new domain provided the Google Workspace (G Suite) user exists.
  • Out of Office
    • Google Workspace (G Suite) out of office settings are migrated to the new Google Workspace (G Suite) domain.

The Cloud Migrator provides many options for migrating Google Calendars from one Google Workspace account/domain to another. We recommend users with a particular interest in their calendars to take note and check all recurring appointments and pre-print your agenda and reminders, so you have a backup.