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Chromebooks that are awesome for Marketers


As almost any marketing professional and they will tell you that the best type of Chromebook for their purposes will combine an excellent facility for managing the written word combined with a reasonable ability to manipulate images. With that thought in mind, we sought out the best Chromebooks for marketers. Soon with Android App Support...

Lenovo Chromebook 100S Essentially dirt cheap, this Chromebook offers essentially all the functionality that a marketer needs. In addition, you can leave it lying around the office, lend it on a whim without too much fear of losing your job if something goes awry. It is a fantastic tool for bringing to mixers and other networking parties as it is durable, has a turnaround cam for social media tasks and networking tasks. The downside is that the light plastic case can absorb very little abuse. In other words, guard it carefully or expect to lose after two or three events. It retails from around $180.


Lenovo N22 – While this particular Chromebook was specifically designed for the educational market, it is also a quite useful machine for marketers. It has a substantially thicker cover and water-resistant keyboard channels. In other words, it is ideal for use in public spaces where loads of uninterested customers will pay no to your laptops when it comes to knocking them over or spilling drinks on them. A little more expensive than its cousin mentioned above, it retails from around $220.


Asus Chromebook Flip – Next up on the price rung is this Rockchip RK3288C processor powered Chromebook. It is powerful when it comes to calculations and image processing but leaves something to be desired in terms of screen size – a smidgen over 10 inches – display resolution and battery life. Still, as a balance between performance and affordability, this machine offers unparalleled value. The average marketing consumer – read that as non-power user – should be able to find one for under $300 and they should be be extremely happy about it.


Dell Chromebook 11 – While its 11.6-inch, 1366 x 768 display is fairly average for a Chromebook and is also not necessarily ideal for large graphics, it will meet the needs of the average marketing professional. In short, it is not a category buster but it does deliver reasonable amounts of power, brightness and length of service. In short, a perfectly acceptable machine to provide to new hires. It is also an excellent choice for marketing events and sales kiosks. Find it online or in-store for about $350.


Lenovo Yoga 11e Originally designed for the educational market, the Lenovo 11e is also a pretty cool machine for marketing work. For an entry-level convertible-hybrid Chromebook, it is durable – with scratch-resistant glass and reinforced hinges – as well as portable making it ideal for travel. In addition, its 11-inch touch screen that folds back a full 360 degrees makes it ideal for working in cramped spaces. Count on it when you need to develop a last-minute presentation or tweak one while in the air or otherwise on the go. It is available from around $350.

HP Chromebook 13 – With an all-metal case and powered by a sixth-generation Intel Core M processor, the Chromebook 13 sports is a top of the line machine. It has 16 GB of RAM and will last for up to 11½ hours without a battery recharge. In addition, it sports a 13.3-inch display, Bang & Olafsen audio, connections for two HD monitors, a USB-C dock and a full-size keyboard. Most impressively, all of these features are contained in a box that measures less than 13 mm and weighs less than a half inch thin. It does come at a price, however. The Chromebook 13 retails in the $500 range.



Finding the right Chromebook in terms of functionality and affordability can seem like a daunting task but it need not be so. For more information in the Austin area on these particular Chromebooks as well as other best category laptops and tablets, please visit us at Coolhead Tech. We can be found online at CoolHeadTech.com or reached directly by phone at (512) 630 – 2273.