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Cleansing Your Big Data Strategy with Cloud Dataprep


Copy of apps admin blog (8)Big data has emerged as a critical component of running a successful company. With the right data, any business can learn more about their target audience, enhance their USP, and even out-perform their competition. In a world where everything appears to be connected, there's more data available for organizations to access than ever before. Of course, before firms can tap into the benefits that this information offers, they need to know how to capture, clean, and analyze their insights. Enter Google Cloud Big Data.

In March 2017, Google announced a private beta version of their Google Cloud Dataprep tool. This intelligent, fully-managed cloud solution was built in collaboration with Trifacta and designed to help data scientists clean and prepare unstructured data. In other words, Dataprep transforms your information into something that can be used for analysis and machine learning models. By the end of 2017, Dataprep entered public beta - which means that's ready for everyone to use.

The GCP Dataprep tool automatically detects joins, data schemas, and anomalies like duplicate or missing values, without the need for complicated coding. This means that it's easier for users to build rules for their machine learning and analysis components with accurate, pre-processed information. The rules that you create through Dataprep can then be imported into other products like the Cloud Dataflow system.

While Cloud Dataprep is built to prepare data for machine learning, the system also uses its own ML strategies to determine which rules are the most useful for customers. So, where could Dataprep take your company?

Getting to Know Dataprep on The Google Cloud Platform

At its core, Dataprep on the Google Cloud is an intelligent service designed to help data experts explore, clean, and prepare unstructured information. Like many GCP tools, Dataprep is serverless, which means that it works at any scale without the need to deploy or manage complicated infrastructure. Just a couple of clicks and you can have your data system set up in no time.

For analysts, Dataprep offers a visual experience that makes cleaning and organizing your information intuitive - perfect for those who want to enrich their datasets without relying on engineers. The visual data distribution service ensures that even beginners in the data analysis world can understand what their unstructured information is telling them. The easy-to-access UI predicts the next ideal data transformation in a sequence and suggests it for you, so you don't have to waste time writing code.

Additionally, Cloud DataPrep detects datatypes, schemes, and possible joins automatically, so you can skip all the time-consuming work of profiling and get straight into analytics. It's scalable, highly interoperable, and packed full of security features for peace of mind. Additionally, thanks to Google's close relationship with Trifacta, users can enjoy a service that scales on demand to meet evolving data preparation needs.

Dataprep comes without the stress of separating licensing costs, ongoing operational overhead, or software installation. If like many modern companies today, you've discovered the value of big data, then DataPrep could be the key to making the most of your machine learning or analytics strategy.

The Features of Google Cloud Dataprep

DataPrep is Google's solution to making data handling easier and it's available to try for free now. With this solution, companies can visually interact with and explore data in seconds, understanding complex information gathered about their marketplace, customers, or competition. Dataprep sorts information into insightful patterns, and there's no need to write any code. Some of the most exciting features of Dataprep include:

  • Serverless: As mentioned above, Cloud Dataprep is a completely serverless service, which means that you don't have to worry about managing infrastructure. Google ensures that your focus can stay where it needs to be - on data analysis and preparation.

  • Intelligent data cleansing: Dataprep automatically finds anomalies in your data so you can take corrective action quickly. Data transformation suggestions are given on your usage pattern, which simplifies the process of cleaning data. It's Google's guides approach to joining, structuring, and standardizing datasets.

  • High power performance: The Google Cloud Dataprep solution is built on top of Google's Dataflow service. This tool is highly scalable, ready to suit any kind of business, and it makes processing large sets of data simple.

  • Google Cloud Platform integration: Google Cloud Dataprep comes with the option to easily and quickly process data stored in the Google Cloud infrastructure. Whether it's info on your desktop or information taken from BigQuery.

Ready to Try Google Cloud Dataprep?

Google Dataprep is the simple solution for data cleaning and management in the GCP. Whether you're planning on educating your own machine learning models for predictive analysis and chatbots, or you simply want a way to refine your dataflow, this could be the tool for you.

Like most of the other services in the Google Cloud Platform, Dataprep integrates natively with other GCP services, including Google BigQuery, Cloud Storage, and even the Google Cloud Machine Learning Engine. This means that it's easier for data analysts to get started on their strategies straight away, with easy adoption into their pre-existing workflow. Additionally, since the tool is currently in public Beta, you can always give your thoughts and opinions to Google to help them improve the overall experience.

Even the pricing for Cloud Dataprep is innovative. Using the interactive web application is entirely free. Once you've defined your preferred data preparation flow, the sample can simply be exported for free, or executed as part of a Cloud DataPrep job, which does incur charges, but at a reasonable rate.

To find out more about Google Cloud Dataprep, or to start building your own GCP strategy, reach out to the experts at Coolhead tech today! We'll help you to make the most out of the entire Google portfolio.



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