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All Together Now: Coolhead Tech Celebrates 10 years with Google Admins and IT Leaders at Alamo Drafthouse Event

Coolhead Tech in 2012Local Cloud Consultant doubles down on Austin and Google Cloud, Announces Key Hire and AI Developments.


Austin, Texas - Coolhead Tech, a local cloud consulting firm founded in Austin in 2008, is celebrating 10 years this summer by hosting a Google Next Extended event at the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz, downtown Austin, on July 24, 2018. Google Next Extended events are presented by Google partners, developers and enthusiasts to bring members of the community together for Google Cloud’s signature technology event and coinciding local workshops and presentations.

The events run from late July to October and allow developers and IT leaders to access Next ‘18 content while engaging with the local business community through activities, panels and labs.

During Austin’s Google Cloud Next Extended Event, IT Leaders will present a panel on Unified Communication and Collaboration using G Suite and GCP. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) will also be a hot topic at the event as Coolhead Tech presents how local hospitality and service companies are taking advantage simply combining their own sales history combined with Coolhead’s comprehensive database of Austin weather and local events from high school football games to SXSW and ACL.

The G Suite customer panel will provide an introduction into the challenges of unified communication and collaboration in a digitally transforming environment and the importance of CIOs and IT leaders to make a move towards a more enhanced environment with flexibility and scalability at its core. IT leaders will learn about the mid-market options for business integrations with G-Suite and Google Cloud, and have the opportunity to ask questions about how their own company can make the most of the Google Cloud environment.


Google Machine Learning Brings Big Growth to Coolhead’s Big Data Consulting.


Coolhead Tech is locally known for consulting around G Suite and Google Apps. The company is one of Google’s earliest Enterprise Partners and earned premier partner status in 2014.

“G suite and Google Apps provide core cloud foundation for modern, secure communication and collaboration for tens of thousands of Texas companies” states Christopher Alghini, founder and lead consultant. “This frees up IT departments to get back to innovation with everything else Google Cloud has to offer.”

google-cloud-consultantsFor local retailers, hospitality firms and businesses the ‘low hanging fruit’, as some call it, tends to be big data and machine learning. Most companies keep, at least, some extended and long term sales data, whether in their accounting system, in a Point of Sale system, or even in spreadsheets. According to Coolhead Tech, This data can easily have additional relevant data, such as local weather and events appended and then fed into a Machine learning model to spit back insights to local retailers, restaurants, and venues.

As Google, Coolhead Tech, and Austin area businesses start to venture into practical machine learning, Google’s core cloud technologies, G Suite, and Chrome have reached maturity in the workplace. G Suite is an enterprise grade cloud based productivity suite similar to Microsoft’s Office365, Exchange and Sharepoint offerings which also include commercial versions of email clients, word processing, number crunching spreadsheets and presentation software.

Coolhead Tech’s service offerings around Google Cloud’s core communication and collaboration products have also reached maturity. The company recently spun off a '2nd Generation born in the Cloud Company' offering high end service and support exclusively to corporate IT departments. The Apps Admin Company was founded in Houston, Texas earlier this year and recently relocated to downtown Austin.


Introducing The Apps Admin Company and Hospitality Manager Jake Pool.


The new Apps Admin Company will focus on serving G Suite Business and enterprise customers by providing personal service exclusively to IT professionals in the Google Cloud.

The company’s top 3 priorities for Google Cloud Customers? Security, Privacy and Cost of Cloud. New clients go through a 3-4 week onboarding process that includes a comprehensive review to ensure companies and administrators are protected across this spectrum.

Most customers come through The Apps Admin Company process with a new confidence in their Google deployment and with a solid infrastructure to build upon in the Cloud. They also, on average, save over 20% through user account consolidations, archiving and pricing audits.


Personal Service in an Age of Artificial Intelligence.

As Mayor Adler says 'Austin is a special place.'    In the age of Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and enterprise Clouds the new Apps Admin Company is uniquely Austin in its commitment to personal service and hospitality.  As such, Alghini searched beyond the technology industry to find Jake Pool and bring Texas hospitality to the Cloud.


'G Suite Admins Deserve a Higher Level of Service and Apps Admin Company is delivering.'


Pool, a native of Beaumont, Texas, has built a career out of leading restaurant and hospitality teams to five star accolades from Beaumont, Texas to Hollywood, California.   After 10 years of catering to the posh rodeo drive crowd as Front of House Manager, Jake returned home to Texas and searched for a new way to serve the hospitality industry.

For now Jake heads a small team of three Google Cloud Specialists out of Austin that all act as a sort of concierge desk for local Google Cloud customers. Need to borrow a Chromebook or two? No problem, The Apps Admin company will bring them to clients Ala Favor or Amazon Prime. Need a Google Cloud Infrastructure Architect? This company has you covered. It’s Apps Admins Company’s laser like focus on Google Cloud and hospitality that allows them to bring such exclusive service.


'The Apps Admin Company is Bringing an exclusive 5 star, white glove service to IT departments on Google Cloud.' 


The free services go well beyond Chromebooks on demand. New clients are provided with a complete security, privacy and cost review, at no charge. Once through the process clients qualify for all additional services including complimentary demo accounts for G Suite, Chrome and Google Cloud Platform.


Apps Admins Get IT All together in Google Cloud

For Austin business on Google Cloud, the new Apps Admin company, combined with Coolhead Tech’s 10 years of Cloud consulting, means IT departments can get everything they need to succeed and thrive in Google Cloud from one combined local service provider.


Google Next 18 and Next Extended Austin

Last year, there were more than 10,000 attendees, thousands of Googlers, and hundreds of speakers coming together across 200 breakout sessions during Google Next '17. This year, the event will be even bigger, with countless opportunities for attendees to interact with developers, leaders, and entrepreneurs in the cloud computing space.

For those IT leaders interested in both the future of the cloud and what you might be able to accomplish with it today, then you're sure to appreciate the educational opportunities available at Google Cloud Next '18.

If you attend the local Next 18 Extended Austin event, hosted at the Alamo Drafthouse at the Ritz, you’ll join 99 of the area’s other top Google Cloud enthusiasts for a uniquely Austin extension of the Google’s annual signature event.

Tickets for NextJam Austin are available at NextJam.Eventbrite.com