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These IaaS Boot Camps for Google Cloud are Transforming IT Teams in Just 5 Days.


Google Cloud and Partners are running custom 5-day hands-on workshops for midsize companies considering Google's Infrastructure as a Service offering as part of their Cloud strategy.   These in-depth GCP Bootcamps are perfect for a range of businesses, ranging from those who are exploring cloud deployment for the first time, or those in search of a multi-cloud solution for their organization.

With the GCP Bootcamps (a focused workshop series) Google has introduced an impeccable way for companies to prepare a full technical plan for life on the Cloud.  Essentially, all businesses need to do is form a team, and send them directly to a focused Bootcamp, either in-house or offsite, where they can accelerate their understanding of the depth and capacity of public cloud.   This deeper knowledge should allow business groups to identify brand new opportunities for their business.


What are THE GCP Bootcamps, and What are the Benefits?

With GCP Bootcamps, IT teams learn how to scope projects accordingly for better productivity and efficiency in the Cloud.     Additionally, they'll be able to develop a specific cloud architecture featuring the most appealing technology stack, while exploring capabilities and scenarios with real prototypes that allow for transformational progress throughout the entire business.


Here's the Day by Day Breakdown of GCP Bootcamps

GCP Bootcamp Day 1:    Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals

Attendees will learn how to quickly identify the value and abilities of each service and product offered within the Google Cloud Platform.   The team undergos a range of hands-on exercises to expand their Cloud and Dev-Ops skills and understanding.


GCP Bootcamp Day 2:  Google Cloud Product Training

In this module, attendees will begin to learn about the detailed capabilities of each product, including the competitive advantage that product can offer to the space. Google will offer insights into architectural best practices, as well as recommended approaches for deployment.


GCP Bootcamp Day 3: Scope and Architecture Workshop

During this module, attendees will learn best practice approaches to using the Google public cloud, and discover methods for avoiding typical mistakes in both the scoping and understanding of architecture for problems selected as part of the pre-work GCP Bootcamp tasks.


GCP Bootcamp Day 4: Build a Tailored Prototype Workshop:

In this module, attendees uncover how to build tailored, powerful prototypes that leverage all the relevant tools that might be available in GCP, to help validate the latest architectures from a ROI perspective for business and technical growth.


GCP Bootcamp Day 5: Executive Report & Next Steps:

Attendees will learn how to build business-oriented reports that identify the potential of the solution designed, and any learnings from previous modules for the entire organization.



Making the Most of The Real Opportunity:  Learning and Training Directly with Google Cloud Partners

gcp-bootcamp-summer-2017-1.jpegGCP Bootcamps are perfect for kick starting the evaluation of Google Cloud Platforms for business, as well as launching proof-of-concept solutions, including advanced technical help sourced directly from Google. Thanks to the focused one-week training solution, the whole business team gets access to a fantastic engagement solution that includes ongoing engagement with Google Engineers.


Ultimately, the goals of the GCP Bootcamp include:

  • The ability to understand the core Infrastructure Services of Google Cloud Platform

  • Understand the breadth and scope of Google Cloud solutions

  • A chance to co-architect a Custom Cloud solution

  • Building a Minimum Viable Prototype

  • Developing a powerful business case for Cloud

In the end, attendees walk away with incredible GCP fundamentals training, a solution architecture design document, a brand-new prototype environment for their cloud needs, and an executive business case report.


Which Team Members Should Attend GCP Bootcamps?

Of course, it wouldn't make much sense to send every member of your team to a GCP Bootcamp. Ultimately, your focus should be on educating the professionals within your organization that can most benefit from a deeper understanding of the power that Google has to offer. Following are some of the recommended attendees that could benefit from GCP Bootcamps.

System Architects

System architects are crucial in helping to define the underlying architecture of a business's IT environment. As such, they'll be pivotal when defining the support design decisions that need to be made through the Google Cloud Platform. During the GCP Bootcamp, these professionals will learn to explore the current architecture, system requirements, and application components, while discussing potential recommendations with Google professionals

Network Architects

Similar to system architects, Network Architects will be essential in helping to design the full network for the cloud environment that the business may be moving into with Google. A network architect will benefit from the GCP Bootcamp by learning how to streamline network topology both from their on-premises data center, when applicable, and within the GCP environment itself. The network architect is responsible for supporting all activities around the cloud VMP, cross project networking, subnets, firewall rules, and overall design for egress/ ingress traffic.

InfoSec Team Member

The InfoSec team is the group responsible for sharing and building upon existing security practices that are accessed within the organization. During the GCP workshop, these professionals will learn about best practices that are followed in areas such as Cloud IAM, firewalls, MFA, DDoS, and policy scanners, to help deliver a more secure GCP environment overall.

DevOps Team Member

The DevOps team will work during the GCP Bootcamp workshop to understand and share existing processes that are in place for deployment plans. At the same time, Google experts will provide these professionals with the best practices that they should consider surrounding CD and CI processes, including topics to do with Spinnaker, Canary, and Jenkins tests. Google will help DevOps team members to think through the integrations required when combining existing processes with GCP best practices.

Applications Developer

Finally, the application developer is the expert within a team responsible for offering deeper knowledge on the various components and application technologies to be used. During the GCP Bootcamp workshop, they will help to identify a "first mover" application that should be targeted for building out migration, or prototyping plans. With that in mind, it's crucial to include developers from your team in the Bootcamp sessions.


Getting Started with GCP Bootcamps

From brainstorming an initial vision for GCP integration, to discovering everything you need to know about best practices, GCP Bootcamps allow businesses to design, build, and enhance their system. Every member of the group present at the GCP Bootcamp will learn the skills they need to know to take advantage of the benefits that GCP can offer for your company.

When it comes to expertise and innovation within your organization, the GCP Bootcamps allow those considering cloud development to grow and thrive.