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Getting Started with Google Data Studio in G Suite

apps admin blog (23)We all know how valuable data can be. In fact, the right information can mean the difference between a successful organization and just another failed competitor. In 2017, we discovered that 90% of the world's data was created over the last two years. Currently, we're outputting around 2.5 quintillion bytes each day, through conversations, interactions online, and so much more. We have piles of valuable data ready and waiting for us, but we don't have a reliable way to tap into it. At least, we didn't - until now.

What is Data Studio on G-Suite?

Google Data Studio in G-Suite is the search engine giant's answer to our data management problems. Essentially, it's a heightened form of reporting and visualization tool intended to take your decision-making strategies to the next level by providing you with historical and real-time insights.

Data Studio takes data from a range of backgrounds and transforms it into informative reports and dashboards that are easy to share, easy to read, and packed full of customization options. Ultimately, it turns data into a story you can share with your entire team. With G-Suite data studio you can:

  • Access actionable insights from crucial data sources to make improved decisions

  • Transform your data into the dimensions and metrics required to create dashboards and straightforward reports.

  • Leverage collaboration to bring people together in any environment to work on data-backed strategies for success.

  • Build engaging reports and shareable graphs that make your data easier to consume and access.

Solving Data Problems with Google Data Studio

Google's Data Studio in G-Suite helps to make information more broadly available, so everyone in your enterprise can understand what's happening to your business, and where it's headed. Not only does G-Suite make it easier to access the data you need, but it presents that information in a way you can understand, with interactive and visually compelling interpretations. This means:

  • The C-Suite can address pricing and performance issues, improve scale and growth, and access insights into where money is going.

  • Data analysts and architectures can access full and immersive insights, perform advanced analytics, and collaborate on ideas with the rest of the team.

  • Engineers can simplify the growth of the business by using interoperable applications and tools and working with real-time insights.

Data studio provides G-Suite users with access to all the data they could want to make critical decisions about the future of their business. You can draw information from Google Analytics to track the performance of your mobile apps and websites. You can also look at Google AdWords to check whether your digital marketing strategies are having the right impact. Google even provides integration with BigQuery so that you can track information from your data warehouse.

With G-Suite's Data Studio, there's no limit to the knowledge you can pull into your website, from Google Sheets to Google CSVs, to BigQuery, and so much more. You can join different sources, transform values, and define formats, and everything comes with governance features too, so you can control who has access from day one.

Connect Your Data, Connect your Team

G-Suite doesn't just use pre-built data connectors to simplify the process of drawing your data together - it also ensures that you can bring your entire team together too. Google knows that great collaboration is the key to innovation and growth. To support your evolution, the Google team allows you to tap into the knowledge of your entire network with built-in features for collaboration.

If you're working on an important project, or you're simply trying to make your business more efficient, teams can work together on the same dashboards at the same time, with comments added in real-time. Users can even check their revision history to see what happened before they logged in for the day.

With nothing but a few clicks, data teams can create fantastic visualizations with drag and drop functionalities. The whole outcome is a unique visual interface for data management, complete with countless visualizations to translate the story of your data, and reusable templates for quick and effective reports each time.

Google Data Studio Vs Power BI

So, how does Google Data Studio stack up against other data management solutions on the market? The biggest competitor right now is Power BI, from Microsoft. While each tool has its own unique benefits, Google Data Studio immediately takes the lead in usability, with an out-of-the-box functionality that can't be beaten.

Not only is data studio more intuitive than BI, but it's also much easier to use too - which is great if you're getting started with a very limited data science team. At the same time, if you're already linked in with the Google G-Suite portfolio, then Google Data Studio is a natural evolution. The vast majority of Google's services integrate automatically with data studio - ranging from Google Analytics to AdWords. The result is a fully-immersive experience that brings your data into focus wherever it might be, from SQL to Google Sheets, and so much more.

All you need to get started is a Google account, the right geographical location, and the ability to use Google Drive.

Ready to Dissect your Data with Google Data Studio?

G-Suite has given us an opportunity with data studio which is unlike anything else on the market. Although it's still relatively new, Data Studio offers innovative and insightful solutions for data management that you simply can't access anywhere else. Google Data Studio is far more reliable than many of its counterparts because the important sources like AdWords and GA are already integrated into the mix. This means that there shouldn't be any issues with handling your data.

On top of that, it's worth noting that Google's Data Studio experience is completely free to access and use. You can share your dashboards naturally with the rest of your team, just as you would with Google Sheets and Docs. Additionally, you can set up accessibility and editing rights on a per-user level.

If you're ready to tap into the true power of your business data, then it's time to explore the opportunities you can access with G-Suite and Google Data Studio. Contact the guys here at Coolhead Tech today to start setting up your strategy.