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Chrome Devices Offer Low-Cost Solutions for Customer Experience and Staff Efficiency to Retail

chrome-devices-in-retailChrome is by far one of the most effective, popular, and efficient cloud-connected solutions and browsers in the world. That's why so many enterprises embrace the Google framework when preparing for digital transformation. With chrome, business devices can access a new generation of solutions for a range of workflows. From improving collaboration between staff members with video conferencing, to improving customer experience with digital signage, there's plenty of ways for a retailer business to empower itself.

As industries shift more frequently to the cloud, with 78% of business leaders stating that they expect their organizations will become "digital" in the next 3 years, it's crucial for companies to find the right solutions for digital transformation. 37% of companies are already budgeting more for the cloud, while 57% of companies will have taken the jump from traditional IT to the cloud by 2018.

Just because you're offering an in-store retail experience, doesn't mean that it's not possible to improve that experience with digital solutions. Here, we'll look at some of the ways that digital chrome devices can offer benefits for sales assistants and customers.


Preparing for the Digital Evolution

Digital transformation is crucial for companies both focused online, and in the offline retailer space. For instance, Austin's position as the Live Music Capital of the world places it in an ideal position to start using transformation to improve customer experience and staff efficiency in bars, music establishments, and interactive environments.

Digital transformation using the correct efficient, and effective Google apps can boost customer experience in a range of different ways, for instance:

  • As customers become digitally efficient, it's crucial to bridge the gap between client expectations and brand experience. Digital transformation offers a unique solution to do this.

  • In-store marketing with Google Chrome devices can help to improve the complete customer journey, optimizing displays to connect users with the right product at the right time.

  • Chrome apps can even help work environments to become more productive and efficient by giving employees a selection of the most valuable resources to improve their ability to use time effectively.


Improving the Customer Experience with Chrome Devices

19% of customers feel as though sales associates are helpful and knowledgeable. Most consumers today will enter a store feeling semi-confident about their purchase. They've researched online, but they may need help from an expert to determine which solution is best for their needs. Retailers who can recognize their opportunity to guide sales and improve customer experience get a significant advantage over their competitors.

While digitally-empowered shoppers are looking for a more engaged customer experience, only 29% of respondents in some studies believe that their sales staff are knowledgeable. Chrome devices can allow employees to access the information they need quickly and effectively. At the same time, as the world becomes more focused on self-directed shopping journeys, chrome devices can allow for efficient self-service.

A Deloitte Survey found that 66% of customers want a self-guided journey, and digital devices from Google can be the answer to bridging the gap between brand knowledge and customer empowerment. Shared devices like kiosks, tablets, and laptops can provide answers to customer questions from a variety of different angles - providing for those who want employee assistance, and those who want to shop alone.


Greater In-Store Marketing With Chrome and a Coolhead

Today's customers are searching for a more integrated solution when they're shopping. They expect to be able to find digital elements in any offline environment. This is a fantastic excuse for retailers to ramp up their in-store promotion with new, optimized elements. Since the average shopping experience begins with access to device, it's natural to continue that simplicity in-store.


Retailers can use in-store signage to boost their appeal to customers, and offer them an experience that feels connected and consistent across all channels. Digital signage can offer:

  • Real-time connections with customers in-store - for instance, signage promotion can be designed to match customer preferences.

  • Ensure that promotions remain integrated across all channels.

  • Dynamically change offers to address external factors, such as on-going events and the weather.

  • Reduce wastage associated traditional paper-based displays.



Coca-Cola recently worked alongside Google on its digital signage displays, powering their solutions through "Chromebase". This cloud solution manages content, and monitors the health of signage in store. Sensors offer promotions and content to customers which can be assessed by Google analytics.



Improving Work Environments for Staff

Sometimes, improving the potential of the business isn't just about empowering your customers, but improving the solutions of your employees too. Staff turnover is a particularly common problem for many retailers, and it's crucial to make sure that the workforce feels powerful and informed to keep them happy.

When it comes to keeping employees updated, it's important to make sure that your business is providing information in a repeatable and consistent manner. The more informed a sales associate is, the more revenue he or she can potentially generate. In one report, those who completed a single training module, out of 63,000 retail associates, were able to sell 69% more than those who didn't.

With Google Chrome devices, it's possible to offer training in a scalable, timely, and familiar way that unlocks the full potential of your retailers, and offers value that remains consistent both online and in-store.

With Google Chrome devices from Coolhead Tech, you can:

  • Provide staff with access to all the information and training they need on operational processes, and devices.

  • Offer unlimited training modules at the touch of the button - each of which uses the same simple system.

  • Use a standard chrome device such as a Chromebook to give employees access to their own specific, personalized training path.

  • Manage and control content centrally to make pushing out new content simpler than ever.


Preparing for Transformation

As digital transformation is here!  It's crucial for retailers to access the key resources they need to provide the experience that their customers and employees expect. It's not just online businesses that are being impacted by the growth of the digital world. IT innovators and decision makers in the business world are now looking for new ways to improve their technology, with 77% of top businesses focusing on innovation to drive growth. Chrome devices could be one of the many ways a retailer is able to stay ahead of their competition, and delight customers simultaneously.