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nextgen-cloud-consultingHere at Coolhead Tech, we're all about bringing you the best possible cloud experience. That's why we're constantly evolving to deliver an incredible service for midsize enterprises. To help bring you the support you need, we'll be making the move into a consulting-based business, designed to put IT leaders and channel partners ahead of the game. Our specialist support offers expertise in Google Cloud to help companies of any size tackle growth issues.

Using the Google Professional Services Organization strategy, we'll be providing guidance on the things we know best, from end-to-end security solutions in the Google Cloud to G-Suite Business and Enterprise development, GCP infrastructure, and Cloud Deploy machine learning. We'll be providing businesses with recommended solutions based on best practices and proven methodologies, and we're not on any sales quotas or incentives to sell with Google.

Ultimately, our mission is to help you get the most out of Google products. With PSO, we'll provide a comprehensive guide to data and analytics, infrastructure, Security & Trust, G-Suite support, machine learning and so much more.

Coolhead Tech Accelerates the Path to Cloud

With our Professional Services offering, IT Departments and partners get:

  • Exclusive Consulting on a project-focused basis, with strategy and expertise specifically suited to the Google Cloud. Our consulting services will focus on the successful delivery and management of services.

  • Premium Account Management to ensure the long-term success of any customer moving to the cloud.

  • Certification and Training services to make sure that your staff are quickly brought up to speed with the latest Google product knowledge.

To help you better-understand what we're going to be offering, let's dive a little deeper into our Professional services.


Premium Account Management

At Coolhead Tech, our account managers and consultants will help you to boost your Google Cloud investments throughout your entire cloud experience. The support we deliver spans all the phases of your Cloud journey, from planning to adoption, to long-term management. Premium Account Management comes as a complimentary offering for all Coolhead customers and involves:

  • Program management - project and program status, architectural best practice support, issue tracking, launch planning, and escalation management.

  • Thought leadership and advocacy - quarterly reviews, executive briefings, early access, roadmaps, and product feedback.

  • Technical consultancy and Google Cloud strategy - Cloud strategy management for GCP and G-Suite, KPI strategy, and account planning.

Coolhead Start for Google Cloud

Want the best launch into the cloud? We can help with that. Bring your technical team through to enjoy our consultative, focused, and enhanced three-day workshop where we'll discuss your specific goals, and answer your questions. The ultimate starting point for your cloud journey, our cloud start solution will give you the best insight into what you can get out of the cloud. We'll discuss the concepts that are important in your cloud journey, review recommendations for your growth, and even provide you with a comprehensive cloud-start report. During your Cloud Start experience, we'll:

  • Work together on architecture and design Jamboarding: We'll discuss your existing environment, any use requirements you have, and how the GCP can deliver solutions for your business.

  • Feasibility discussions: We'll cover the "what ifs" and potential possibilities of your cloud plan, including demonstrations where possible.

  • Next steps and insights: Review workshop insights and next step possibilities for getting your cloud solution started.

Google Cloud Sprint

In a rush to get your application into the GCP? With Coolhead Tech, you can access a team of Google experts to walk your team through intensive, hands-on workshops to help set up the core architecture of GCP strategy and migrate your workload. This solution is great for those with executive sponsorship and a fully-engaged team. During a cloud sprint:

  • We'll examine the relevant use cases and architectures for targeted applications, and work through detailed design considerations on critical implementation topics.

  • Your exclusive cloud team will help you set up the foundational infrastructure of your GCP strategy.

  • We'll migrate and deploy applications into GCP, and validate the functionality of your system, reviewing and summarizing key decisions, issues, and dependencies.

Coolhead Cloud Plan

Sometimes, the best way to make sure that your cloud strategy is a success is to start with the right plan. When you start working with Coolhead Tech, we'll kick off your new Google Cloud platform with a focus on technical design, foundational architecture, reference pipelines, and long-term operation. Perfect for those making the move to the GCP and embracing a long-term strategy, your cloud plan will give you the guidance you need to navigate your digital future. We'll help with:

  • Supporting the setup of core foundational architecture in your system

  • Evaluating an IAM, monitoring, and networking strategy, as well as help for billing and security.

  • Reviewing reference architectures with best practices for data pipelines and technical analytics support.

During your cloud plan, we can look at a range of different areas, including:

  • Your network: Zones, Regions, GCP networking overview, Cloud Router, Cloud VPN, Internal DNS, network security and connectivity

  • Your billing accounts, resource manager integrations, and budgets.

  • Monitoring systems like Stackdriver, performance alerts, logging, compliance, and auditing.

  • Admin console support for domains, Google accounts, directory sync, authentication, SSO configuration and more.

  • Cloud IAM support with service accounts, identities, scopes, roles, hierarchy, resource management and project management

  • Processes and analytics, including data pipelines, monitoring, Hadoop and Spark

  • Data and analytics ingestion and storage: retrieving application information, real-time messaging data, process data and secure storage

Google Cloud Deployment and Optimization

During the cloud deployment stage, we'll use our in-depth knowledge of the Google Cloud Platform to provide you with guidance and support throughout the deployment of your Cloud plan. With a dedicated program manager at your side and access to all the engineering resources you could need, you'll be able to build a custom architecture for your company and keep it running smoothly with access to your own expert. We'll apply best practices throughout your deployment, review your architecture for you, and plan a complete migration.

What's more, at Coolhead Tech, we do a lot more than simple set your Cloud strategy up for you. When you're on the GCP for at least six months, we can also evaluate your architecture and environment to look for new ways to boost your performance and growth within the cloud. For anyone searching for the best way to grow on the cloud, we've got the solution to suit you.


Doing More Together with App Admins

As part of our progression into consulting services, we'll also be introducing an Apps Admins company to assist with everything from Chromebook and device sales, to daily licensing, migrations, and more for the Google Cloud, G-Suite, and Chrome. Our app admins company can cover everything you need to make the most out of your cloud environment, including:

  • Data & Analytics
  • Application development
  • Machine learning
  • Security and trust
  • Culture and Change
  • G-Suite
  • Infrastructure

Our G-Suite solutions will include the integration and optimization of collaboration and messaging services such as Drive, Gmail, Hangouts, and more, as well as the deployment of devices like Chromebox for meetings, and Chromebooks. Our proven methodology is designed specifically to accelerate your Google Cloud deployments and success, with a plan from assessment to optimization:

  • Assess: Concepts, feasibility, and experimentation
  • Plan: Design, create foundation and strategize
  • Deploy: Implement, migrate, and expand
  • Optimize: review, enhance, improve


Delivering Value Throughout your Google G-Suite Deployment

Our G-Suite deployment strategy is proven for customer success, with phases designed to ensure high-quality performance on the platform, with great ROI and adoption. Our methodology includes best practices that extend beyond the standard launch so that you can discover and access the true potential of your Google Cloud tools. Throughout your G-Suite Deployment, Coolhead Tech and Apps Admins will provide:

  • Deployment advice: Get the assistance you need moving your full organization into G-Suite. Coolhead Tech offers support with project governance and expert insight. With App Admins and additional partners, we can help you to manage the full scope of your project, plan your change and management activities, and deliver a support model that fits your needs.

  • Change Management Advice: One of the most important steps in moving to the cloud is driving employee adoption of new technologies. At Coolhead Tech, we'll provide strategic solutions for G-Suite and the trainers working with you to understand the nature of your organization and workforce. We can provide you with a customized change management plan, perfect for making the cloud more accessible.

  • Transformation Advice: Finally, we can engage your employees and assist them in optimizing their daily processes through the Google Cloud. We lead departments from a range of backgrounds through transformation labs, providing insights into the best solutions from the Google Cloud.

We also offer assistance with:

  • Enhanced technical support
  • Mobility implementation and assessment
  • Advanced productivity training
  • Privacy reviews and security implementation
  • IT transformations
  • G-Suite migration for the mid-size enterprise
  • Productivity Suite cost rationalization
  • Social collaboration


Moving into Machine Learning

In a world of digital transformation and network evolution, Coolhead Tech is here to offer you a complete guide into the world of analytics, AI, and machine learning. We'll introduce you to predictive and prescriptive analytics, for a more sophisticated computing service. Here's a quick insight into what a Google machine learning lifecycle looks like:

  • Define ML use cases
  • Conduct exploratory data analysis
  • Select the right ML algorithm
  • Access data pipelines and feature engineering
  • Build your machine learning model
  • Make sure the model is designed for efficiency and productivity
  • Present the results of the model
  • Plan for deployment
  • Operational model
  • Monitor the model over time

Our system, Cloud Discover in machine learning will help you to understand the extent of how machine learning can work for your organization. We'll help you to identify and qualify business problems that can be addressed with machine learning. Over time, you'll gain new competitive advantages with machine learning, address specific problems in your business, and access state-of-the-art analytics and recommendations for your AI future.

What Kind of Use Cases Excel with Machine Learning?

Not sure if machine learning is the right path forward for your organization? We can assist companies in a host of different verticals, all the way from manufacturing, to energy and utilities. For instance, here are just some of the use cases we can address with machine learning:

  • Manufacturing: predictive maintenance, process optimization, demand forecasting

  • Retail: predictive inventory planning, upsell and cross-channel marketing, customer ROI

  • Healthcare and life Science: Diagnostics, alerts, and information from real-time patients, disease identification, proactive health management

  • Financial services: Risk regulation and analytics, fraud detection, customer segmentation

  • Travel and hospitality: Aircraft scheduling, social media management, and complaint resolution, congestion and traffic pattern management

  • Energy and Utilities: Power usage analytics, customer-specific pricing, energy demand and supply management

As part of our system, we'll offer Cloud Deploy ML for MVM (Minimum viable model), which will help you to bring the case you identify in Cloud Discovery to life. The MVM process helps to prove the value of the use case to stakeholders and makes it easier to invest more into your build-out process. During MVM cloud deploy, we'll develop an ML solution model with exploratory data analysis, explore the right feature sets to include in your system, and present an insight into the results you can achieve with your model.


Your Stepping Stone into Clever Computing

At Coolhead Tech, we're giving customers a simpler way to explore the next stage of cloud computing with the benefits of machine learning. The ever-growing space of AI ensures that today's companies can achieve insights faster, and more effectively than ever before. Our ML service is backed by Google expertise, to ensure that you're accessing the right parts of Google to boost your day-to-day work, as well as accelerating you towards your end goals.

Today, it's safe to say that almost all companies want to be able to access exceptional support, incredible app experiences, lower pricing models, and reliability anywhere in the world. In a space where organizations are under constant pressure to innovate and evolve, your very own cloud consultant could be the key to getting ahead in the marketplace. Already, the cloud has transformed the world we live in, giving us access to next-level creativity, knowledge, and innovation.

Google is the only platform available to offer the state-of-the-art experiences your customers expect. Google is on the cutting edge of the cloud, built and developed to give companies the same incredible solutions that Google uses to keep its system running.

As Professional Services consultants for Google Cloud, Coolhead tech is here to help customers enjoy the agility, speed, and ROI of Cloud, all the way from creating your cloud plan, to implementing machine learning.

Ready to get started? You can call us today!