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This Spring's Midsize Enterprise Summit is Designed to Propel Midmarket IT Leaders through 2018 and Beyond.

IMG_20160919_080847 Thanks to the growing trend of digital transformation, the business world is evolving at a more rapid pace than ever before.  IT leaders and executives are under exceptional pressure to determine what their place might be in relation to a constant stream of new technologies, all the way from IoT, to AI and containers in the Cloud. When paired with the need to meet threats coming from various directions in the marketplace, this pressure is constantly leaving business leaders shaken and confused, unsure how to connect with partners and customers.

The good news is that when organizations know how to properly embrace the future, they can discover the diverse benefits that come with a new world of technology. All it takes is the right roadmap to lead business leaders towards success.



IT Leaders Find the Right Roadmaps at the Right Conferences

As a solution designed to guide, inspire and support the mid-size enterprises of today and tomorrow, the Spring Midsize Enterprise Summit is a must-see event for midmarket IT leaders . Here, you can learn how to build an inspiring IT roadmap to achieve your visions as a company and overcome the common hurdles that hold firms back.

Here at Coolhead Tech, we're honored to once again be attending the Midsize Enterprise Summit in 2018, to give you our guidance on how to make the move into the Google Cloud.

We'll be there to support attendees, along with a host of amazing key speakers! If you haven’t already applied to attend #MES18, here's why we think you should join us at this exclusive event with key insights coming from Gartner and The Channel Company.


  • Innovative products and solutions: Explore some of the most incredible services in the midsize enterprise marketplace from a variety of vendors.  From the Exhibit Hall to individual boardroom appointments participants get first hand VIP introductions and demonstrations of best of breed IT products and services

  • Expert advice: Meet with some of the most well-regarded people in the technology world, including those from content sponsor Gartner to discuss the issues facing your mid market company in today's world.

  • Network and collaborate: Engage and interact with vendors and peers in the IT mid-market and build a community of support for your future.

  • Improve your ROI: Evolution in the business world is all about embracing the right technology, products, and services to improve your return on investment. You can do just that at #MES18, by exploring new products and building new partnerships.

  • Discover award-winning vendors: Check out the Midsize Enterprise Summit awards for "XCellence" and discover the best solutions and technologies in the marketplace. 

The Midsize Enterprise Summit is also sponsored by some of the biggest names in technology, including Scale Computing, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, 8x8, Fortinet, Avaya, and many more.


The Four Sessions we're looking forward to most at Spring MES

One of the most compelling reasons to attend must be the wide selection of keynote speakers. We thought we'd share an insight into some of the sessions we're most looking forward to, to help build your anticipation.


MES Keynote: The 5 Trends Driving Change in Midmarket IT

The IT world is going through a period of rapid change and evolution thanks to the rise of new technologies and innovations. IT leaders need to figure out where they should place their investments to get the best opportunities for long-term growth. In the kick-off session at #MES18, attendees will learn everything they need to know about the major trends that are pushing the mid-market forward - as identified by Gartner Research Director, Mike Cisek.  The session identifies the myths and truths of the mid-market evolution and should help companies to plan their investments for the months ahead.



MES Keynote: Strategic Happiness: Building a Culture of Trust and Positivity

Happiness is an important, but often overlooked advantaged in the modern business world. Research indicates that when you train your brain to be more positive at work, this can lead to greater success. 75% of someone's job success is predicted by optimism rather than intelligence, which is why now is the perfect time for mid-market IT leaders to start thinking about how they can empower their employees with the right attitude. In this Midsize Enterprise Summit keynote, Amy Blankson of global consulting firm GoodThink draws on her experiences working as a co-founder of her company to share advice on delivering happiness to teams.


MES18 Executive Session: The Great Midmarket Cloud Debate

joe-marianoSenior Research Analyst at Gartner, Joe Mariano will be sharing his thoughts on the transforming nature of the mid market cloud experience. According to Joe, although leaders in the midmarket space have begun to migrate some of their workloads and applications into the cloud, they're looking at a range of different ways to transform their business, including hybrid, private, and public cloud options.

This diversity has generated a debate among the mid-market IT community on how investments, security, and support should be managed in the cloud setting. IT leaders need to address these decisions with a focus on innovation, and long-term durability for their businesses and this speech hopes to help organizations to make a more informed choice.


Executive Session: Peer Perspectives on Monitoring the IT Budget

Vennard-WrightFinally, budgeting might not be the most exciting part of preparing for the future of IT in the midmarket enterprise, but money will always be a crucial concern for any organization. The Chief Information Officer for Washington’s Suburban Sanitary Commission, Vennard Wright, provides the leadership and guidance that today's firms need when it comes to addressing budget concerns.

According to Wright, though every company has their own unique budgeting process to think about, recurring challenges around remaining within the right price boundaries often remain the same. Whether it's thinking about the expanding scope of project implementations in today's diverse world or dealing with annual maintenance, there are a lot of pitfalls that IT leaders must consider when monitoring an IT budget at scale. This panel discussion should help CIOs discover proven strategies and best practices that will help them to keep their expenses on track.  There will also be lessons on how to negotiate with industry partners and vendors.


Coolhead's Google Apps Admins WILL See You There!

apps-admin-logoIf you're an IT Decision Maker trying to navigate your way through the complex world of the mid-market enterprise environment today, then there's a good chance you could use some support making the most of the technology and resources available on the market.    Join Apps Admins at MES 2018 to discover how you can enhance your business for the years ahead with Coolhead Tech in The Google Cloud.


Check out the Midsize Enterprise Summit's Full Agenda At The Channel Company.