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Here's Why You Should Attend a Women of the Channel Leadership Summit


#1:  Be inspired by empowering content: You're sure to learn something amazing when you tune in and participate in sessions from dozens of leading speakers, from leading companies in the IT Channel.

Let's face it; women don't always get the best support in their chosen industries. 

STEM and technology, in particular, are two areas that we're making progress in.   Things are changing, and women are beginning to make their mark in all sectors, including the IT Channel.   There's still a global shift that needs to take place. 

Women are continuing to face complicated challenges in their workplace, and many feel as though they're under increasing pressure to prove themselves in a market that's simply dominated by men. Perhaps this is the reason why only:

  • 3% of females choose a tech career as their first choice
  • 5% of leadership roles in the tech sector belong to women
  • 16% of females have had a tech career recommended to them. 

Unfortunately, 78% of students can't name a famous female in the tech space either. Something needs to be done. 

The good news is that events like the Women of the Channel Leadership Summit are starting to deliver the kind of information and guidance we need to make a long-standing change. 


What is the Women of the Channel Leadership Summit?


The upcoming Women of the Channel Leadership Summit in Europe, hosted by The Channel Company, delivers an opportunity for both men and women to come together in a discussion about the growth of equality in the workplace.

Though the event celebrates women and their achievements, it also helps to invite men into the conversation on gender issues, reducing the risk that women will be left out of crucial career opportunities. 

The Channel Company is an active participant in the IT Industry and runs a number of highly sought after IT events throughout the year. 

The Women of the Channel Leadership summit gives all people in the tech space a chance to come together and unite so that we can change the course of the industry together. This new summit prepares business leaders to become agents of change, on both professional and personal levels.

Not only does the conference address topics like gender discrimination in the workplace, but it also encourages people to come together and create unique solutions to common problems too. 

The speakers scheduled for the session will be discussing strategies that men and women can use to work together on closing the gender pay gap or create champions for inclusion. What's more, attendees get advice on how to ask for things like a promotion or a raise when you feel overlooked at work.

This year's speakers include:

  • Managing director of Westcoast limited, Alex Tatham
  • Anushka Davies, the Softcat PLC head of talent and engagement
  • The Senior accountant manager and Women in Technology Campaign Manager for the ANS group, Beth Williams
  • Debbie Forster, the CEO of Tech Talent Charter
  • Emma Dracup, an account manager for Gamma



Discovering Empowerment for Every Gender


The Women of the Channel Leadership Summit is a space in Europe where individual contributors, business leaders, and others can come together to develop real action steps for personal and corporate growth while unlocking their full potential with diverse and inclusive thought. The women of the channel leadership summit series takes place all around the world. Although in this case, we're referencing the event on the 13th of November in London, you can also find a host of summits in other location across the globe too on the Women of the Channel Website. 

This engaging conference was designed from the ground up by thought leaders to give women executives, professionals, and other people in the tech space a chance to connect with their peers, advance their skills, and discover inspiration in the form of the women making an impact on the channel today. Attendees throughout the IT channel will be visiting the event, and providing motivational keynotes, along with networking time, workshops, and various engaging sessions. 


Advisors for the London event include:

  • Director of Cloud Business Partners at IBM, Alison Say
  • Andrea Carter, UKI Marketing Director
  • Head of Talent and Diversity for SoftCat PLC, Anushka Davies
  • Bethany Hedger, Freelance success consultant
  • Helen Speak, Aruba channel manager for Aruba

There are many other advisers to speak to as well; you can find the full list here



Supporting Women in the Channel

group-together-minSpearheaded by a number of key IT leaders and sponsors like Aruba, Dell Technologies, Red Hat, VMWare, Jabra as well as many others, The Women of the Channel Leadership conference is an experience unlike any other. 

Currently, whether you're serving as an individual contributor or freelancer in the technology world, or you're managing a team of hundreds of people, you need to find a way to be your best and share your skills with the world around you. To do this today, women tend to be focused individuals, with their eyes set on their goals, and a strong plan for how to succeed.

The Women of the Channel Leadership Summit is an opportunity for women in technology to find their path to a stronger future, wherever their career and passions might take them.

5 of the top reasons to attend this year WOTC Leadership Conference:

  • Be inspired by empowering content: You're sure to learn something amazing when you tune into the sessions from dozens of leading speakers, visiting from leading companies in the IT sector. The motivational keynotes and the interactive peer panels at this year's event will give attendees a chance to develop and achieve their personal and corporate goals, while overcoming any of the hurdles that may hold them back.

  • Inspiration and motivation: It's often hard to stay motivated in an environment where women aren't always celebrated in Technology and The Channel as often as they should be. At this event, you'll be able to rediscover your inspiration by hearing from men and women who have overcome adversity to get to where they are today. You'll also hear about the latest industry trends, and how you can contribute to the growing age of inclusion. 

  • Develop your network: One of the best reasons to attend any conference in the IT industry is that it will allow you to build some crucial connections. With so many leading brands, influencers, thought-leaders, and sponsors attending this year's Women of the Channel Leadership summit, you're sure to make some amazing connections. You'll walk away with new people that you can rely on for guidance on how to thrive in your space. 

  • Skill development: This summit is one of the few events in the tech sector where you can really learn something and put your skills to the test at the same time. You'll learn how to lead companies, motivate teams, and achieve better solutions for diversity and inclusion. What's more, you can also discover quick tips on things like how to show confidence at work or get the promotion you deserve. 

  • Guidance: Whether you're a woman looking for advice on how to grow in the channel, or you’re a business leader looking for ways to change your company culture, this event will help you to unlock the benefits of diversity and equality. 


Mark Your Calendar for This Must-See Summit


The women of the channel leadership summit is one of the most inspiring events in the marketplace today, particularly for women in the tech space.    The environment at this conference is designed to ensure that men and women alike can share insights in the IT channel and look for new ways to support inclusion and diversity.

Some of this year's biggest key topics will include:

  • The State of Women inside and outside of the channel
  • Managing up and coaching teams
  • Becoming an effective communicator 
  • Preparing leadership strategies for the future
  • The power of diversity in the workplace
  • Developing mentors and how to mentor people 
  • Career advancement and how to promote yourself
  • Habits to help ensure your next raise, job or promotion
  • Marketing best practices
  • Tips for tapping into your authentic self
  • Professional and personal development 

You might find that during the event, you'll learn the value that can be gained from partnering with a new mentor or investing in self-development and awareness. You'll also have endless opportunities to build new skills and contribute to a bigger network. Not just for leaders in the channel space, this is a conference that can speak to anyone, from Sales and Marketing execs to freelancers, culture and diversity execs, VARS, IT suppliers and so much more. There's even a Women of the Channel Leadership letter that you can use to convince your boss to let you attend.