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The Ultimate Guide to Google WorkSpace (G Suite) Pricing in 2020





Google Google WorkSpace (G Suite) is one of the most valuable productivity tools on the web today.

Introduced more than a decade ago, the product originally offered a handful of software solutions, from Gmail to Google Docs. Today, you can use Google WorkSpace (G Suite) for everything from app-building to sharing spreadsheets and collaborating over video.

The rapid evolution of Google WorkSpace (G Suite), and the increase to the number of tools that customers could access within the portfolio, pushed Google to change its pricing for the first time ever in 2019.

Although the responses to the Google WorkSpace (G Suite) pricing change were a little shaky at first, most consumers have now accepted the update as a necessary evolution. After all, though the G Suite might be a little more expensive than it once was, it’s still an incredibly cost-effective service when you think of all the features you get, from secure team messaging, to enterprise-grade search, and artificial intelligence.

So, how much should you be paying for something like Google WorkSpace (G Suite)?

Let’s find out.

Here’s your ultimate guide to Google WorkSpace (G Suite) pricing.

Google WorkSpace (G Suite) Pricing: Which Plan is Right for You?

Let’s start with the very basics.

Google WorkSpace (G Suite) offers three separate plans to choose from Enterprise, Business, and Basic.

  • Basic: $6 per user per month: The Basic plan, as the name might suggest, is one of the most fundamental and low-cost pricing options. It offers you all the core features, like Docs, Sheets, and Gmail. However, you don’t get some of the more advanced tools. You also get plenty of support by phone and email, mobile management for your mobile fleet, admin security. Basic features access to Sites, 30GB of Drive Storage, Hangouts Chats and Meets, Slides, Forms, Google Keep, Currents, and Calendar.

  • Business: $12 per user per month: The Business plan might be twice the price – but it’s well worth it for most companies. You get unlimited cloud storage with this package, as well as access to App Maker and Cloud Search. Additionally, you’ll have a host of extra admin features, data region choices for Google WorkSpace (G Suite), Cloud Search, and Vault, to retain secure files.

  • Enterprise: $25 per user per month: The highest-priced Google WorkSpace (G Suite) pricing plan. Enterprise comes with everything you get in Business, as well as a host of extra administrator controls, and access to Cloud Identity Premium, for state of the art security.

Google WorkSpace (G Suite) Pricing: What All the Plans Have in Common

As you browse through the Google WorkSpace (G Suite) pricing plans, you’ll notice that they all have a few things in common. For instance, every package comes with access to Docs, Slides, Sheets, Gmail, Drive, Keep, and so on. You’ll also get:

  • An ad-free experience with every package.
  • Access to a wide library of add-ons.
  • Ability to edit and access all Microsoft Office files.
  • Ability to access a central admin console.
  • The option to work online or offline.
  • 24/7 customer support online and over the phone.
  • An incredible 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Password monitoring.
  • The option to enforce user-managed security keys.
  • The ability to whitelist apps.

So, if you get all of that stuff no matter which version of Google WorkSpace (G Suite) you go for, why would you consider upgrading to a more expensive package? The simple answer is that there’s more available with the higher tiers of Google WorkSpace (G Suite). In fact, if you opt for the Basic addition, you get an annual billing structure. That means that you can only remove users every time you renew your license (once a year). However, if you choose a more expensive pricing package, you get the option to pay every month – which is nice when you want some more flexibility.

Here are some other things that change depending on the Google WorkSpace (G Suite)pricing that you choose.

  1. Storage Space
  2. Google Vault
  3. Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  4. BigQuery Analytics
  5. Improved Security
  6. Collaboration
  7. Cloud Search

One of the most important things that will change when you upgrade your Google WorkSpace (G Suite) pricing, is how much storage space you have. When you’re a free Gmail user for instance, you only get a measly 15 GB of storage space. The Basic edition of G-Suite upgrades this to 30GB. However, if you choose Business or Enterprise editions, you get unlimited storage.

Speaking of storage in the Google WorkSpace (G Suite) – how are you keeping your documents secure? G Suite offers the Vault option for archiving and eDiscovery, but it’s only available as part of Enterprise and Business edition plans. With a higher tiered Google WorkSpace (G Suite) pricing plan, you can implement data retention and recovery strategies for your organization, protect yourself from accidental data loss, and place holds on chat messages and emails. It’s also much easier to export business data for processing and find files for compliance needs. If you’re a Basic Google WorkSpace (G Suite) pricing user, you’ll have to buy Vault separately for $5 per month, per user.

In a world where losing data can be catastrophic for any business, it’s crucial to have protection in place. Google Drive’s Data Loss Prevention tools can help you to prevent horrific leaks that could harm your company’s growth. With DLP, you can set up rules that allow you to scan files for dangerous content and share files with external parties. The feature is only available for Enterprise and Business customers, however.

Have you ever wished that you could get a better insight into employee activity and behavior? Well, with Google WorkSpace (G Suite), you can. Using BigQuery, it’s possible to analyze your organization’s Gmail logs and run queries to gain insights into the behavior of individual employees. You can also access third-party integrations for more data access too. However, this is a premium feature only available for Enterprise users.

Speaking of security, there are a few other ways that you can protect yourself with G Suite if you’re willing to spend a little more on your Google WorkSpace (G Suite) pricing. For instance, if you have an Enterprise edition of G-Suite, you’ll get access to Cloud Identity Premium – that’s Google’s state of the art solution for security and privacy. Additionally, you also get access to enterprise-grade access control with security key management too. You can track the security of your team from your Google dashboard, and even get advice from Google on how to improve your storage.

While you get collaboration features from Google at every Google WorkSpace (G Suite) pricing level, the number of features that you get from each tool will differ depending on your package. For instance, Hangouts Meet for the Basic package only comes with the option to add up to 25 users to a conversation. If you’re an Enterprise user, then you can add up to 50 users instead.

Finally, Google is pretty well-known for its search functionality. It makes sense that you’d want to take advantage of that fact when using Google WorkSpace (G Suite). The Google Cloud Search function makes it easier to find the content and documents that you need from across a range of platforms. You can quickly and intelligently search for information across documents, Gmail, G Suite services and more. All you need to do is visit the cloudsearch.google.com and you can even look for what you need from your phone. However, Google Cloud Search is only available to Business and Enterprise customers.

Choosing the Google WorkSpace (G Suite) Pricing that’s Right for You

So, with all of that new information in mind – how do you decide which plan is right for you?

Here’s our insight into who should consider each pricing option.

Get the Basic Plan if:

  • You’re a freelancer or small business with fewer than 5 people.
  • You just want the basics, and an email address for your domain.
  • You’re going to need very limited amounts of storage.
  • Archiving for chat and email isn’t necessary.
  • You’re not worried about advanced security features.

Get the Business Plan if:

  • You’re a mid-sized company or a small one in the midst of growing.
  • You need both email and message archiving, with access to the Vault for security.
  • You’re going to need more than the basic 30GB storage limit.
  • Google Hangouts is a crucial part of your collaboration strategy.
  • Data loss prevention isn’t necessary for your business.

Get the Enterprise Plan if:

  • You’re a large business or a growing mid-sized business.
  • You need advanced admin and security control over your Google WorkSpace (G Suite) apps.
  • You need advanced security features and data loss prevention.
  • Integrating with third-party tools is important to you.
  • Google Hangouts meetings is important to you.
  • You can’t compromise on admin control.

Can You Get Google WorkSpace (G Suite) for Free?

With all this talk about Google WorkSpace (G Suite) pricing plan – you might think that there’s something missing – a conversation about the free options from Google. After all, there are plenty of freebies available if you’re willing to look for them. For instance, you can access the Google WorkSpace (G Suite) for free for up to 14 days, allowing you to test out all the features of the Google productivity environment without spending a penny. This is a great way to put certain G Suite pricing experiences to the test.

There’s also the option to explore Google WorkSpace (G Suite) for non-profits. If you’re a charity that’s dedicated to making the world a better place, contact Google, and you can get Google WorkSpace (G Suite) accounts and ad credits for absolutely no cost. You should be able to access the Basic version of G Suite this way, which means that you won’t have some of the more advanced features you could be looking for – but it’s a great way to get started when you’re low on budget.

Speaking of free versions of Google WorkSpace (G Suite) there’s also the option to access the tools you need for educational reasons too. There’s a special Google WorkSpace (G Suite) for Education package available which comes separately to the rest of the G Suite pricing structure.

You can also use the Google WorkSpace (G Suite) package completely for free through a personal Google account. You don’t get a customized email address that way – but you can test out the tools before you take them to the rest of your team. This is also a great choice for freelancers.

How Can You Pay for G-Suite?

As well as having a range of different pricing plans to choose from, Google WorkSpace (G Suite) also gives you different options when it comes to how you make your payments. For instance, you can select:

  • The flexible pricing plan: With this Google WorkSpace (G Suite) pricing plan, you’re billed monthly for each user account. That way, you can add and remove accounts easily, at any time. You’re only paying for the accounts and services that you use during any given month. It’s perfect for companies that are in the middle of growing.
  • The Annual Plan: The annual plan from Google does what it says on the tin- it gives you a monthly fee for your Google WorkSpace (G Suite) experience. If you decide that you need to buy more than what you originally purchased with your annual plan, all you need to do is contact Google. It’s that simple.

You can also switch between different Google WorkSpace (G Suite) pricing plans whenever you choose, and add on extra features that are sold separately, such as:

  • Google Hangouts Meet hardware: Hardware tools that are sold separately for your Google Hangouts video conferencing experience. These devices are designed for huddles and conference rooms.
  • Jamboard: A digital whiteboard designed by Google to help improve your collaboration experiences.
  • Voice: A calling solution provided by Google to replace your traditional business telephone system.
  • Hire: An applicant tracking system specifically designed to improve your chances of finding the best candidates faster.

Google WorkSpace (G Suite) Pricing: Finishing Thoughts

When you need an all-in-one solution for your business tools, there’s nothing quite like Google WorkSpace (G Suite). This flexible and friendly product from Google has everything you need, including email for your company, secure storage, collaboration tools and file sharing.

All you need to do is decide how much functionality your business needs and choose the Google WorkSpace (G Suite) pricing package that’s suitable for you as a result. Remember, you can always upgrade if you need to, and there are plenty of opportunities to take advantage of coupons, sales and discounts too.

Reach out to Apps Admins today to grow your business and find out more about getting the best price for your Google WorkSpace (G Suite) experience!


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