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Manage Your Team Online with Google Workspace



Brands across the globe are feeling the overwhelming impact of the novel COVID-19 virus. Now, more so than ever, businesses, their employees, and customers require innovative strategies, solutions, and support to help navigate this "new normal" of digital transformation. Although the widespread media depictions elude to a catastrophic apocalypse, we at AAC believe this is the beginning of a "new era" to collaborate and communicate at unprecedented levels.

The nationwide mandate for social distancing has forced companies to shift from open-plan offices to remote work environments. Though unfortunate, there has never been a more perfect time to showcase the power of cloud-based connection and collaboration. This week, Google announced they would be rolling out free access to their advanced Hangout Meets video-conferencing capabilities to all Google Workspace and Google Workspace for Education customers globally through July 1, 2020.

As work from anywhere experts, AAC is now offering free twenty-minute consultations to provide clarity on managing your business online with Google Workspace. Also, our team has worked diligently to provide a list of the Top 3 C's your business will need to combat the blunt force of the virus' impact.

Virtual Water Cooler Connection



Working from home can create feelings of isolation for your employees, particularly those who crave the social connection of an open plan work-space. As employers, it is important to be empathetic to the emotional health and stability of your team. We recommend using Google Hangout Meets video-conference access to host live virtual office hangouts. This will help calm anxieties, as well as create the familiarity of a "water cooler" experience for your team.


Chat Collaboration



The power of collaboration gives us the ability to prevail in the toughest times of uncertainty. No matter the department, your business is going to need the best gifts from every team player during this crisis. To ensure clarity and efficiency, we recommend that your team utilizes Google Workspace Hangouts Chat for smooth workflows. This allows your team to converse in real-time, as well as share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations in a social thread format.


Customer Communication and Engagement




Customers are the lifeline of any business organization. Your business's ability to provide a clear strategic message with active direction is crucial. Though some companies are relying on the power of social media to communicate their message, we believe that intimate engagement is key during this time. We encourage your team to use the Google Workspace  video-conference access to host  an Open Forum meeting to answer any questions or concerns that your customers may have.


We're in this TOGETHER! 



AAC is aware of the devastating effect COVID-19 is having on our business community, and we are here to serve you. If there was ever a time for unity, it is now. We will not let fear paralyze us! Instead, we will rise and get through this together. 



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